JLMWhether good or bad, we’ve all had our moments. At my age there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t either forget something or “think” I forgot something. Sometimes I spend more time looking for it and/or thinking about it way more than it’s worth. Amazingly, it’s usually something that isn’t important.

What does this have to do with motorcycling? I’m the kind of biker who needs saddlebags. The bigger, the better. Being an all-season rider, I carry a lot of extra gear. Two rain suits, extra gloves because as the weather changes or at my age you lose one (and you never lose both), sunglasses, and etc. Since I use my motorcycle to commute to work, I also carry my lunch. You know, the usual ham sandwich, Diet Coke and chips.

And being a creature of habit, I walk out to the garage, load my lunch, put on my gear and go. Two days ago, after getting off my bike at work, I opened my saddlebag to retrieve my lunch and of course I forgot it. What a way to start the day! After mumbling under my breath, I accepted the fact and had lunch at one of the local fast-food chains (all the while thinking about the sack sitting somewhere between the counter in the kitchen and the garage). Oh well.

After a long day at work I arrive home, and cannot find my lunch anywhere. I must be losing it! So as yesterday begins, I stand in the kitchen repeating the same process – ham sandwich, Diet Coke and chips. Holding the bag at arms length as if it’s some sort of bio-hazard so I can keep an eye on it, I slowly walk to the garage, setting it down to put my gear on while keeping my eyes fixed squarely on my lunch. I throw it in the saddlebag and ride off completely smug and satisfied that I’m NOT losing it! I get to work, open my saddlebag and to my surprise I find my lunch from the day before. Like a sick joke I had played on myself, I realized the day before when I couldn’t find my lunch, it was actually in the left saddle bag. I never put my lunch in the left bag – never. But there it was, mocking me.

Who’s crazy idea was it to put two saddlebags on a motorcycle?