Road Trip to Sturgis 2011 – And We’ve Got it on Video

//Road Trip to Sturgis 2011 – And We’ve Got it on Video

Road Trip to Sturgis 2011 – And We’ve Got it on Video

As you read here on the J&P blog earlier this week, a few of our employees rode directly from our world headquarters in Anamosa, Iowa, to the Black Hills of South Dakota, to take part in the 2011 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Arriving approximately three weeks before the first day of Rally, they played a big part in getting our Sturgis-based operations up and running prior to everyone else’s arrival. Those of us who left a few weeks later took a different route. Traveling west from Iowa, our crew passed through Nebraska and on into Colorado, where some of us spent two nights in Broomfield, Colo., which is located between Denver and Boulder.

Broomfield became a base camp from which our riders embarked on a day trip into the nearby mountains. Traveling Southwest on Highway 285, our riders steadily rose to higher elevations until they arrived on Route 9. From there they headed north and over Hoosier Pass, which sits at 11,500 feet above sea level. They stopped for lunch in Breckenridge, Colo., at the Salt Creek Steakhouse.

Up to this point, the ride and the views were spectacular, and they only got better as the day went on. After lunch, the group traveled through Keystone and then up Loveland Pass (elevation: 11,990 feet) where they stopped to take in some even more breathtaking views. Leaving the high country, the group took Interstate 70 back to Bloomfield, where some traffic-dodging was required to avoid bad weather.

On the final day, our employees took Interstate 25 to Highway 85, and then on in to Sturgis to complete their 1,600-mile trip.

The video below shows footage of the highlights of the trip to Sturgis and was recorded with a Contour GPS HD Video Camera. Some of the video also shows J&P Cycles‘ employees enjoying a morning ride before a long day of work. Enjoy the music and the scenery!

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