Get out rideEditor’s Note:What appears below is a guest blog post from veteran biker Jeff Maddox, who regularly holds court over at the JMAdog blog.

Winter was a long one – for sure! For those of you who have had to sit and look at your motorcycle from the shop stool in the garage, you may have been taking mental notes of the spring and summer to come: where to go, when to go and who might be coming with you have crossed your mind while patiently waiting to pull the bike back onto the highway. It will be a great summer if you just let it. Be patient, relax when you ride and enjoy every mile. Let’s slow it down and let the ride come to us. As bikers, we sometimes try to cram too much into each ride, or we try to plan just one BIG ride in hopes that everything will come together. Usually that’s when the ride will be memorable, but not necessarily enjoyable.

This year I plan on attending the J&P Cycles Open House Rally on June 29-30, a great event put on by very dedicated enthusiasts of our sport. I have been to this event before and they put on an awesome weekend. I also plan to head to Colorado this summer to ride in the mountains. I live relatively close and it’s surprising how few times I actually head in that direction. What’s wrong with me? For crying out loud I ride a motorcycle! Of course, the big trip to Sturgis is on the calendar. What can I say? If you have never been you should go at least once in your life. But that is my point exactly…

If we put all of our hopes in one big trip of the season, we are taking the chance that, of course, it will be epic, but it can also be an epic disappointment when it doesn’t come together like it should. If you have friends who are going with you, you have the chance of them dropping out of the ride. If costs were to be shared, then it can shoot those up. I have had several rides that worked out just fine and all went well, but I have seen plans dissolve in a minute. So, let’s ride. Let’s take a weekend and just go. Go anywhere. A short “fly by the seat of your motorcycle” kind of ride. Don’t give the plans a chance to come apart and ruin what could be a good time.

Remember, it’s not carved in stone and the pressure is off. Hey, maybe I’ll see you in Anamosa, or Colorado Springs or Sturgis!