In the days leading up to the 70th annual Sturgis Rally & Races, most of us are concentrating on ways to survive the butt-numbing ride to South Dakota in comfort. We’re loading up on motorcycle luggage and rain gear and custom parts we think will make us comfortable during those endless hours spent on our bikes. What we tend to forget about is the incredible roads surrounding the Black Hills area. Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, Spearfish Canyon —  all provide some of the best corner carving you’re ever going to find.

And believe me when I tell you that all the luggage or cup holders in the world won’t help when you have your bagger leaned over to the floorboards in mid-corner. That’s where Progressive Suspension comes into the picture with two ways to get that bagger railing through the twisties with scalpel-like precision.

The first is true high-performance suspension for your touring model. The Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit features a set of gas-charged Monotube dampers and a set of custom-tuned fork springs that replaces the open bath damping found in your stock front end.

And the perfect complement to your new front-end set up is the Touring Link Chassis Stabilizer. If you’ve ever ridden your bagger aggressively through some corners, you probably felt the mid-corner wobble that’s associated with touring models. This little beauty helps stabilize the chassis by keeping the motor/swingarm assembly aligned with the chassis without causing unnecessary vibration to the rider. It makes your bagger slip through corners like it’s on rails.

So do yourself a favor and prepare for the ride before the ride and you won’t regret it when you’re blasting through the Black Hills during the world’s largest biker party.