Remedy the Recall and Secure Your Saddlebags

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Remedy the Recall and Secure Your Saddlebags

Harley-Davidson Saddlebag RecallHarley-Davidson issued a saddlebag recall last week on all 2014-2015 Project Rushmore Saddlebags. The recall stated that the saddlebag mounting receptacle part no. 10900009 on some 2014 and 2015 Touring motorcycles may not adequately secure the saddlebag to the motorcycle during use.

Owners of the affected motorcycles are being asked to seek assistance from their local Harley-Davidson dealer to confirm that the motorcycle is covered by the recall. If covered, an updated receptacle will be installed free of charge. However, Harley-Davidson also says that some product campaigns may have expired, and you may to have to pay for the service.

Reda Innovations Saddlebag LockRecall or no recall, riders have the option to replace all standard Harley-Davidson Touring saddlebag clips with Reda Innovations saddlebag locks for added safety and security. Install these locks with a simple five-minute installation and prevent your bags from falling off during travel or from being stolen. As long as your saddlebag lids are locked, you won’t ever have to worry about losing your saddlebags.

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    Ya know I really don’t understand this, “product campaigns may have expired”. Do this mean the problem fixed it self???

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