Raise the Bar Regarding Motorcycle-Related Trips in New Year

Happy 2014Editor’s Note:What appears below is a guest blog post from veteran biker Jeff Maddox, who regularly holds court over at the JMAdog blog.

As we sit with our feet dangling on the edge of a new year, we have a lot to think about. Past rides, future rides and epic rides come to mind – along with memories made with old friends and the new ones we met along the way. We’ve seen a lot from the seat of our motorcycles and hopefully we’ll see so much more as the new year gets underway. Every mile we ride, whether good or bad, becomes a story to tell. You may not think so now, but they will – just give it time. We should challenge ourselves to not just ride more, but to ride further. Ride to places that remove comfort from your zone and see the world from your bike instead of a Buick. You might surprise yourself.

Make this the year of “do it.” Plan a trip, load the bike and go. Usually we plan the ride, but for whatever reason it’s not hard to talk ourselves out of it. Be flexible and get excited about why you ride, and don’t let the small stuff change your mind. We ride motorcycles, remember? Don’t forget that.

We have our own ideas of where we want these motorcycles to take us, but let this year be the one that takes you greater distances, both physically and philosophically. Stretch your imagination out like the highway in front of you and make it count. Go it alone or take the gang with you, but ride that motorcycle! It’s what you want to do anyway so there is no excuse in the book to keep you from it. Life is a journey, so let’s make it epic; I know I will!

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