Product Spotlight: UltraCool Oil Cooling System

//Product Spotlight: UltraCool Oil Cooling System

Product Spotlight: UltraCool Oil Cooling System

An overheated engine is a problem you should never have to face, but it’s a common problem on every air-cooled engine. UltraCool provides an excellent oil cooling system with easy installation. This new generation of oil coolers provides a high powered dual fan system that can drop engine temperature up to 50 degrees.

The system starts by moving filtered oil through a solid aluminum oil adapter with oil temperature switch through pre-fitted braided hoses into a 17 row heavy duty heat exchanger. Located over the heat exchanger are dual high powered fans with an output of 90 cubic feet per minute each, cooling the oil as the built in thermal switch activates the fans when oil temp reaches 210 degrees to start the cooling process. Oil then flows through another pre-fitted braided hose back into the oil adapter then into the stock engine oiling system. All this happens with a helpful LED indicator light notifying you when the fans are on.

Each UltraCool kit is designed to fit your specific motorcycle model, and comes in either chrome or black. Shop UltraCool products online at

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  1. Darrel Pennington November 4, 2016 at 6:33 am

    Thanks, I Have a2011 flHX, need411 on
    Ultra Cool System Screaming Eagle,96 CI
    Also, Saddle Bag L’id Covers, About 1 mo. Ago, y ou Had Some that looked LiKe
    Leather For 100$ A Set

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