Plan a Visit to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA

National Motorcycle Museum

Nestled in the rolling hills of eastern Iowa is the finest collection of American motorcycle history; The National Motorcycle Museum. Right in the heart of America and open every day, the National Motorcycle Museum is a common destination for motorcycle riders of all calibers. Founded in 1989 by people who simply love motorcycles with the goal of presenting passion through five intricate exhibits built around a fine collection. This spectacular motorcycle museum is home to thousands of pieces of memorabilia and over 450 motorcycles from Europe, Japan, and of course America.

Flying Merkel National Motorcycle MuseumThe National Motorcycle Museum offers visitors the chance to experience the history of our two wheeled world. Visitors can take a trip back to the road side scene from almost a century ago with a 1920’s era Shell gas station and motorcycles from over 100 years ago. The spirit of authenticity lingers with the excitement of motorcycles from generations of the past. The museum also has a serious collection of classic American iron for the Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. From the earliest knuckles to pans, shovels and evos alike there is something for everyone. Of course, you can’t forget about the finest choppers and bobbers.

A visitor of the National Motorcycle Museum can relive the glory days of adrenaline pumping two wheeled racing of all kinds. From drag racing, motocross, trials, enduro to board track racing there is something to satisfy the adrenaline fix. An impressive monument to the most classic of American motorcycle racing, the museum has an authentic section of a board track. You can almost smell the carnage and glory of victory burned in the wood.

To wrap up this fine collection of motorcycles, there is a collection of history and memorabilia to enjoy.  Relive your favorite motorcycle films or take a trip back to your childhood with a collection of classic toys. A day at the National Motorcycle Museum is a wonderful way to recall your youth and enjoy generations that came before us. So come on down to the heart of America and see the mecca of motorcycle history. Plan your trip today! 

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