Petitioning Dallas City Council: Establish Designated Motorcycle Parking Zones in Dallas


Dallas is one of the largest cities in America along with San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Boston but Dallas is missing something big these cities all utilize that reduces pollution, traffic congestion, parking congestion, and roadway wear and tear: designated motorcycle parking.  Motorcycles as a daily form of transportation are quickly gaining popularity and with Texas being the second largest motorcycle owning state you’d think this would translate to public accommodation to motorcycles. Thankfully a group in Dallas is taking action and they need your support.

The Undersigned, a group of citizens, residents, employees, consumers, and visitors of the City of Dallas, are petitioning for the creation of safe and fairly priced motorcycle and motor scooter parking at all parking lots and parking facilities within the City of Dallas. The current lack of safe and affordable off-street motorcycle parking in Dallas is forcing many riders to park on sidewalks. High visibility areas are needed for motorcyclists due to the high rate of motorcycle theft. Additionally motorcyclists are frequently harassed by drivers when they park in a single parking space, but where else are they supposed to park? Financially speaking it makes less sense to charge a motorcyclist the same rate to use up less space than a car. San Francisco charges one fifth the rate for motorcycle parking as for cars, this solution was formed using simple math: five motorcycles can fit in a single parking space.


The Undersigned proposes that the City of Dallas create free or fairly priced motorcycle parking utilizing no parking zones and other unused space. Additionally for Dallas to re-assign areas to greatly increase the number of parking spaces available as five bikes can park in one car space. This will help bring more people into local shopping areas and businesses. For more information on the proposal and to sign the petition please follow this link: The Undersigned: Petitioning Dallas City Council.

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