Performance Machine Presents its Dynamic Duo

//Performance Machine Presents its Dynamic Duo

Performance Machine Presents its Dynamic Duo

With riding weather hitting full stride, time’s short to spruce up your ride and add some well-deserved swag to its magnificence. There you stand in your garage, staring at your machine and wondering what bit of functional bling you could add to the bike to brighten its appearance or add punch to the motor.

By complete design, the folks at Performance Machine step forward to throw their hats in the ring with a pair of very good suggestions for 2011:

PM’s Fast Air Intake offers a new take on an old idea. This intake utilizes the highest-quality and best-performing K&N filter element, which results in a 10.21 hp increase on a stock Harley-Davidson. Not only does this intake make horsepower, but it’s a most innovative and fresh take on an “elbow” style air cleaner. Leave it to PM to raise the bar by creating beautiful billet pieces literally laced together with wheel spokes to beautify that high-performance motorcycle air filter. Also added was PM’s proven internal crankcase breather system to clean things up. Once again PM has created a truly innovative and unique piece that takes your bike to the next level. These bad boys can be picked up in either chrome or contrast cut.

The second must-have PM piece literally touches on your fingertips — and we’re not talking manicure here. The Elite grips are another clean design that bring style and function together to create a motorcycle grip that has a durable, knurled-rubber surface with an embossed PM logo wrapped around a machined aluminum high-quality billet grip. These are also available in chrome or black, depending on your taste in bling. If you’re still not persuaded, check out this video we shot earlier this year where Performance Machine’s own Mark Finney paints you a visual picture of both products.

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