Patrick ‘The Gorilla’ Smokes ’em in Showdown

//Patrick ‘The Gorilla’ Smokes ’em in Showdown

Patrick ‘The Gorilla’ Smokes ’em in Showdown

Earlier this week we told you about our own Patrick Garvin’s involvement in what has become one of the most popular, noisy and smoke-filled events at Sturgis, the Baker Drivetrain Showdown. Patrick, always looking to take things to the extreme, donned a gorilla-suit for the competition.

We intended to give our own write-up of the event, but Bryan Harley, Cruiser Editor for summed it up best as he was in the pits at the Easyriders Saloon for the fierce competition Wednesday night.

Patrick ‘The Gorilla’ Smokes ’em in Showdown

by Bryan Harley

Thursday, August 09, 2012

It was standing room only as the crowd pressed in tight around the burnout pit at the Easyriders Saloon Wednesday night. With Jay Allen working the audience, 12 would-be champions, from custom bike builders to magazine editors to industry heavyweights, went head-to-head for a chance to be crowned 2012 Baker Smokedown Showdown Grand Champion.
It was a packed house for the Baker Smokedown Showdown 2012.
Is it gorillas in the mist?
Somewhere in the mist of spent rubber lurks Jay Allen.
No, it’s just Patrick kickin’ butt in the Smokedown
Patrick Garvin of J P Cycles smoked em all to be crowned 2012 Baker Smokedown Showdown champion.

The competition was fierce as combatants furiously banged through gears in a race to be the first to smoke the tires in fifth gear. As affable Bert Baker puts it, “It’s just good ol’ biker silliness.” But don’t tell those who rolled into the burnout pit that. When the tree hit green, it was no holds barred action.

In the end, there could be only one. But not before a hotly contested duel between Patrick Garvin of J&P Cycles and Kevin Alsop of Big Bear Choppers. It was a controversial battle, with Kevin appearing to beat Patrick in the first elimination round by a fraction. But it was decided that it was really just too close to call. In the rematch, Patrick stomped Kev but foul was called because the light tripped before Kevin had even staged. In the finale, the duo was once again lightning quick, gears shifting, the crowd screaming, and billowing smoke filling the air. In the end, Patrick beat out Alsop by a hair, earning the title of Baker Smokedown Showdown 2012 champion. He deserved it. Not only was he the quickest draw on this night, but he also entertained the crowd by wearing a full gorilla suit all night long. And it wasn’t cool down in the pit. Congratulations Patrick for bringing the title home to J&P Cycles.

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  1. Monkey September 21, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    I was there, the hair on my arm was burnt and there was burnt tire in my drink!

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  3. Jerry August 28, 2012 at 7:31 am

    Bad Ass!!! As always, J&P at the top!! Way to go Patrick the Gorilla!! LMFAO It was one hell of a show!! Thanks for sharing it!

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