Do You Deserve a Makeover?


April 28, 2015 | By: J&P Cycles

Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Entries Now Being Accepted

Entering its seventh consecutive year, Garage-Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover, sponsored by GEICO Motorcycle, is at it again! You could score a huge list of parts and accessories for you and your motorcycle just by describing why you are most in need of a Biker Makeover.

“The idea behind this contest came from personal experiences of being involved in larger charity bike giveaways. Those events always targeted larger groups and organizations. I never got to see the impact it had on an individual. That was why this contest came about, to lift someone up directly, to meet new people and share experiences,” says Sara … Continue Reading

How to Change the Oil in an H-D Sportster


April 26, 2015 | By: J&P Cycles

Why pay someone to do something when you can do it yourself? Follow along as Patrick walks you though the basic steps you need to follow when changing the oil on your Harley. This oil change was performed on a 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster, and would be similar on other rubber mount Sportsters from 2004 and up. Enjoy!… Continue Reading

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Roughnecks Ride for a Cause


April 24, 2015 | By: Andrea Hall

Here at J&P Cycles’ headquarters in Anamosa Iowa, we’re used to hearing (and feeling) the rumbling of motorcycles pulling into our retail showroom lot. It’s music to our ears.

Roughnecks Motorcycle ClubHowever, on one sunny Saturday, I happened to be driving by the office on my day off when I couldn’t help but notice a fairly long line of motorcycles taking a left at J&P Cycles. I had passed the turn into our parking lot but didn’t hesitate to make my next available U-turn.

It was as if they had done it dozens of times before. The bikes were perfectly choreographed as they parked two-by-two. As the bikers dismounted, the camaraderie … Continue Reading

Who Is the Doggie Behind Those Doggles?

April 19, 2015 | By: Andrea Hall

About a month ago we introduced you to our new friends Sweets the English Bulldog and her moms Christine and Kacey. Sweets, who turned two years old on Jan. 18, has won the heart of millions on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Her first 15 minutes of fame were in this Petco commercial.

The first time we saw Sweets she was riding as cool as could be on the front of her mom Christine’s bike, waved to an oncoming biker and stole our hearts. The rest is history.

Even though she’s only two years old, Sweets looks like she’s been riding much longer. She took her first ride at 10 weeks … Continue Reading

Meet Joe, the Wandering Sparrow


April 14, 2015 | By: Andrea Hall

The large majority of Americans “live to work,” spending a large part of our days at a job we don’t love and often times putting that job before our families, desires and dreams. Very few of us are lucky enough to make a living doing what we love most.

How does that old adage go? “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Here at J&P Cycles, our team members get to live and breathe motorcycles every day. For many, that would be a perk in and of itself.

But for one lucky and well-deserved team member, putting 50,000 miles on his bike … Continue Reading

It’s a Family Tradition


April 10, 2015 | By: Jeff Maddox

Editor’s Note: What appears below is a guest blog post from veteran biker Jeff Maddox, who regularly holds court over at the JMAdog blog.

We bikers are a close-knit family, wouldn’t you agree? It’s like we’re all motorcycle-related to one another through a passion for two wheels, a desire to be free from the confines of boring transportation and to reveal the rebel side that lives within us.

Good stuff. But if you look a little deeper through those sunglasses we have on, you might find there really is a lot more going on underneath this helmet.

Family TraditionWe share some very similar fears and satisfactions when we ride. Being invisible, … Continue Reading

How to Set the Suspension Sag on Your Motorcycle


April 8, 2015 | By: J&P Cycles

Are your shocks set up correctly? Do you know to check? Because your sag will vary based on your riding conditions and the weight on your bike, it’s important to check your sag and reset it as needed.

In this video, J&P Cycles merchant Patrick Garvin walks you through how to check and set your motorcycle suspension sag. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to chat with one of our techs or give us a call.… Continue Reading

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Different. Electric. Real.


April 6, 2015 | By: J&P Cycles

That is the definition of Switzerland-based Sine Cycles’ electric chopper.

Using a Tha Heist frame from Cleveland Cyclewerks and a 2013 Zero Motorcycles engine and drivetrain, bike builder Bruno Forcella created a one-of-a-kind bike that performs like no other.

Sine Cycles Electric Motorcycle
Sine Cycles Electric Motorcycle
Sine Cycles Electric Motorcycle

“I always had the idea to build a chopper different from anything else. It was quite hard to find a way to differentiate from all those amazing custom bikes already out there and built by so talented people.

“At last I found a way to do so,” said Forecella. “An electric drivetrain in an open frame style chopper pointing out the main components: the heatsink, the battery housing and a good … Continue Reading

You Could be the Winner of a 2015 Indian Chieftain

April 3, 2015 | By: J&P Cycles

What’s the most exciting prize you’ve ever won?

Well, starting with only a $5 donation, you could be the proud owner of a new 2015 Indian Chieftain. And why not increase your chances to win and show even more support for the National Motorcycle Museum by purchasing 6 tickets for $25 or even more?

National Motorcycle Museum 2015 Indian Chieftain FundraiserSounds easy, right? You could join the likes of long-time J&P Cycles’ customer Thomas Lock of Bern, Kan., who won the National Motorcycle Museum 2014 Fundraiser Bike, a beautiful 2014 Indian Chief Vintage.

By now I’m sure you’re itching to know how to enter. You can visit the National Motorcycle Museum’s website for complete details and … Continue Reading

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Harley Engines: Don’t Get Bored With Bores Ever Again


April 2, 2015 | By: Jay Borowy

Man, oh man. The weather turned beautiful here in Anamosa—70 degrees, sunshine and just a touch of wind. Bikes are starting to come out from winter storage, and more and more people are itching to get out on the road. As we begin April, let’s dive into what makes up these engines.

Eastwood Engine Bore GaugeThere are so many things happening these days when it comes to engines, it’s hard to keep up. The standard engine rolling off the H-D line is the 103 cubic inch (ci) Twin Cam, with the CVO line getting a 110 ci Twin Cam.

This is not news; the 103 ci became standard in almost all Big Twins … Continue Reading

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