What Will Victory Do Next?


March 22, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

Victory rocked the world with the Roland Sands Design team when they built the Project 156 bike to race Pike’s Peak. Racer Don Canet ended up running the second fastest time in section 1 but unfortunately laid the bike over in section 2. Despite the crash Don ended the day with a fourth overall and finished top his class. See the full story from Roland Sands Design here: Race to the Clouds Project 156.


Photo courtesy of Roland Sands Design

The Project 156 bike’s fire breathing 1200cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine left everyone wondering when Victory would create a production bike similar to this race machine. Victory ended up leaving … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Event Recap: Daytona Bike Week Part 2

March 18, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


Willie’s Tropical Old School Chopper Show had it all with bikes, brews, babes, and tattoos. Every inch of the property was packed with the party spilling over onto the sidewalks. Everyone came out to Ormond Beach to check out these wild custom rides.



In the Tropical Tattoo parking lot custom bikes kept filing in throughout the afternoon. It got to be so packed it was hard to walk around, unbelievably the bikes in the parking lot were merely inches from each other it was a wonder they could even get the bikes that close. This didn’t stop the crowd from having a good time with BBQ on the grill and … Continue Reading

The Biker Guide: Suspension


March 17, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

High performance suspension isn’t just for racing, it is the secret to getting off your massive touring machine after hours of riding and feeling like you just stepped out of a car. Performance suspension and touring/cruisers are not often spoken in the same sentence. For the most part, cruiser and touring riders have gone without improving suspension performance. Lowering kits and style components have always been available but now finally over the past few years V-Twin owners can get their hands on suspension that will improve the comfort and safety of their ride.

Progressive Suspension 944 Ultra-Low Standard Duty Shocks | 163-582

Progressive Suspension 944 Ultra-Low Standard Duty Shocks | 163-582

Suspension is key. If you have spent … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Event Recap: Daytona Beach Bike Week Part 1


March 15, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

The 75th Daytona Bike Week has officially come to a close and all who attended have hung up their leathers and returned to the daily grind. 2016 brought good weather and a major landmark in the history of Daytona Bike Week making it bigger than years past. The sheer volume of bikers was astonishing, there was no break from the sweet sounds of growling of motorcycle exhausts as bikers prowled the streets of Daytona. We are still reminiscing from our office here at J&P Cycles so join us for an in depth recap of Daytona Bike Week. In this event recap series we will cover everything we missed in … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Daytona Beach Bike Week Update Part 3


March 12, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

Part of what makes Daytona Bike Week so great is the diversity of the event. Attendees can see everything from Flat Track racing to the rat bikes parked outside of Willie’s Tropical Tattoo. With so much to cover it can be difficult to see it all so we have snap shots of everything here in our Daytona Bike Week Update!


Bikers rolled up under the Jesters Live pavilion for the Perewitz Custom Paint Show and spectators quickly followed in awe of the abstract rides. The bikes in this show were truly one of a kind artistic pieces, it was like a gallery for bikers.






Everyone made their way from Daytona … Continue Reading

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J&P Cycles Daytona Beach Bike Week Update Part 2

March 11, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

As the week rolls on, the temperatures have risen and the crowds have thickened. The final hoorah of Daytona Bike Week is about to commence with the final weekend upon us. The 75th anniversary has brought crowds larger than ever to the shores of Daytona Beach and we are excited to bring you this update on all things Bike Week from Main Street madness to Destination Daytona!


Bikers prowl the streets of Daytona but none more than Main Street. As the sun creeps silently away into the night, bikers ditch the shores and the speedway for the Main Street mayhem. Main Street on it’s own could be a bike show … Continue Reading

J&P Cycles Daytona Beach Bike Week Update Part 1


March 8, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

Bikers from across the nation have flooded the streets of Daytona to kick off the first weekend of Bike Week 2016. The sun is shining and the warmth of spring is diminishing all winter woes. No matter where you go in Daytona the song of screaming engines and barking exhausts fills the streets as riders blast all around town enjoying the event of the year. This year marks the 75th anniversary of Daytona Beach Bike Week and that means it will be bigger than ever so we are excited to bring you updates as the week rolls on!

2016-03-06 13.01.33

Daytona International Speedway is the place to be for riders of all … Continue Reading

75th Daytona Beach Bike Week Events


March 3, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft


The alluring white sandy shore of Daytona Beach is calling all riders to kick off spring with the Daytona Beach Bike Week. So top off your fuel because it’s time to hit the road! This year is the 75th anniversary of Daytona Bike Week with a full slate of racing, bike shows, concerts, and Main Street mayhem.

For years, J&P Cycles has made it a tradition to take the trip down to Daytona to celebrate the coming of bike season and we are ready to get some sand between our spokes. Once again, J&P Cycles will be available to you at both the Destination Daytona J&P Cycles Superstore and … Continue Reading

The Biker Guide: Road Trip Rules to Live By

March 3, 2016 | By: Kaitlyn Beecroft

Spring is finally here, the sun is peeking through the clouds as the temperature begins to rise melting away the frigid remains of winter. It’s time to bask in the freedom of the open road. Take flight from the plush comfortable place you call home and instead make home wherever you lie your head.


No matter how far you venture or how long you will be gone make the most of your journey with these guidelines.

Pick your ideal route.

“There are roads and there are motorcycle roads”

Each rider will have their own unique perspective of the road they travel. From your experience find the route that is right … Continue Reading

2016 J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder U.S. Championship

February 29, 2016 | By: J&P Cycles

Jeff Najar, J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Producer

The J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is the leading traveling motorcycle builder competition in the U.S. featuring the largest tour wide offering of cash and prizes and attracting nearly 400 custom motorcycles from coast-to-coast. It’s the custom show inside the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows® awarding over $100,000 in cash and product prizes during the 2016 IMS Tour.


The 2016 U.S. Championship Round featured a total cash and prize package of more than $51,000 and drew the largest crowd in the series at Chicago IMS on Valentine’s Day. Builders from New York, Florida, NorCal and the Midwest all made their way through … Continue Reading

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