There are lots of reasons to attend the two-day J&P Cycles Open House Rally June 23 and 24, and top among them is the opportunity to mingle with 25,000 of your closest biker friends. In addition, this year’s event features free food, sponsored by Allstate, hundreds of vendors, great deals on parts and spectacular bike shows.

Did I mention the bike shows? Two of my personal all-time favorites will be on hand that weekend and they’re looking forward to coming here just as much as we’re looking forward to them being here. We’re talking about 10-time AMA Trials champ Geoff Aaron and revolutionary V-Twin stunters 1Wheel Revolution.

If you’re not familiar with either one of these outfits, do yourself a favor and click the video links and you’ll be treated to some footage of the finest motorcycle showmen in the business. Geoff Aaron brings his exhibition rig — which is as tall as our J&P warehouse — from which he performs multilevel stunts on a motorcycle that will have you shaking your head in disbelief.

And the boys from 1Wheel Revolution will do things with Harley-Davidsons that will put your own Harley’s capabilities in a whole new light. Of course all shows all weekend are absolutely free, and our two featured acts will be performing four shows a day. That leaves you with plenty of time to scope out all the wheelies, burnouts and crazy jumps these gyrating geniuses can cram into an act.

There is still plenty of time to get your bike packed and find a sitter for the dog. So throw your gear in a bag and head for the heartland, you won’t want to miss it.