Nice Legs! Courtesy of Arlen Ness

//Nice Legs! Courtesy of Arlen Ness

Nice Legs! Courtesy of Arlen Ness

Just when you think you’ve covered every square inch of your bagger in chrome and created a piece of motorcycle art, you notice your Plain Jane front end, sticking out there like an ugly date at a high school dance.

Too often, when we’re in the midst of customization with all the custom paint, billet wheels, booming stereos and chrome dipped covers, we overlook the front end. We often have the erroneous opinion that the front end is pretty much un-customizable. So we ignore it. And that’s our best thinking.

Thank the motorcycle gods for Arlen Ness because that man finds a way to customize everything! And these pieces are no exception. Born out of the Ness’s own creations are two bolt-on, sure-fire ways to set your bagger apart from the rest —  the Arlen Ness Fork Boots and Hot Legs.

These are available in chrome or black and in two different styles — deep cut or smooth. So no matter what your bike’s character, there’s a style sure to fit your bagger.

I mean, think about it. How can you possibly go wrong? You’re buying parts from the godfather of custom motorcycles. The man who, in my opinion, started it all — the biker build-offs, the reality shows. He’s the face of motorcycling today. So do yourself a favor and clean up that front end with some of the best American-made motorcycle parts your money can buy.

As a side note, Arlen and Cory Ness will be at the J&P Cycles Open House this year, so if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by meet the Ness’ and check these parts out for yourself. And The National Motorcycle Museum will also be holding a fundraiser at its new location featuring the Awesome-Ness exhibit.

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