New Year’s Resolution FAIL

//New Year’s Resolution FAIL

New Year’s Resolution FAIL

happy new year 2013 speedometer vector illustrationEvery year around January, people start asking me what my New Year’s resolution is. I am sure many of you get the same question. This simple question usually brings up some mixed feeling deep within me. Thoughts of guilt and failure simply self-inflicted by the fact that I committed to something I didn’t accomplish. My parents didn’t raise me that way. I have always tried to accomplish the goals I set for myself, but this one New Year’s tradition has always been something I fail at miserably.  Even if I wasn’t considering any resolution at all, as soon as someone asks me about it, I manage to pull some kind of goal out of my hat to try to obtain. I always manage to come up with some kind of idea for something I would like to change in my life. I usually write the idea down to keep it in mind… and shortly thereafter…I completely forget about it!

I call this the New Year’s resolution Epic FAIL! Rarely can I remember what I did yesterday, so just forget about anything else.

This year I plan on changing this tradition, so I can feel good about myself for once. This year I am going to come up with my New Year’s ResolutionS.  Yes, plural… My resolutions will be a selection of obtainable goals instead of shooting for that one miserable goal that manages to escape my grasp year after year. Things like finishing the metric bobber with electrical problems sitting in my garage. I manage to walk by that thing every day and still have not found the ambition to finish it. Just looking at the wiring loom hanging off the side makes me cringe!  Electrical work is not one of my favorite problems to tackle! This is not the norm for me at all. I usually cannot let something sit unfinished. I don’t procrastinate, and I never give up, but I have not been quick to finish this project at all! So, to make sure I accomplish this goal, I’m going to allow myself another goal. My next resolution will be to get rid of one metric bobber. This way if I still don’t manage to fix the bike, I can just get rid of it. This will ensure a sense of accomplishment at the end of the year! BRILLIANT!!

I really don’t know why more people don’t see my true potential! I am sure that this simple deviation from the traditional New Year’s resolution will help many of my fellow brothers and sisters who face the same empty feelings year after year when asked about their resolution. There’s more than one way to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.  So, here’s to overcoming that empty feeling next year! Next Year we can ALL be winners!

Happy New Year!!

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