New Rage Cycles LED Fender Eliminator Kit

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New Rage Cycles LED Fender Eliminator Kit

The New Rage Cycles LED Fender Eliminator Kit is a must for any sport or standard motorcycle owner. When it comes to quality, brightness and ease of install, New Rage Cycles is industry leading. Most manufacturers actually have it planned to make an attractive motorcycle; sleek lines, compelling angles, something that stirs the soul as you slice through the air. Then, the legal department vomits all over the creation with rules and regulations to enforce on all new motor vehicles.

So now your “ready to race” sportbike looks like it has a cell phone tower dragging behind it, taking away all style points. The solution is simple and it goes by many names: Fender Eliminator, Tail Tidy and Licence plate re-locator.

Our Sportbike Merchant at J&P Cycles (Rich M) has recently picked up a new exotic, Italian girlfriend and been showing her off daily; A Ducati 959 Panigale. To mask my envy of his newly acquired dream ride, I have been bullying his bike and its ridiculously long fender/ License plate holder. Take a look at how hideous this bike is.

OK, I am only joking as Ducati nailed it with this design.

I am referring to this piece on the rear end. It takes what is supposed to be angular and sharp and kills the lines that the designers were going for.


Lets pull this bike into the garage and go over a step by step install and review. This kits ensures an easy fit with little tools required.

For ease of install, either place you bike onto a lift or a swing arm stand/lift. It’ll make it easier to work on the bike straight up and down as apposed to on the kickstand.

Well Brad, Its simple: The mounting bracket, light w/ oem connectors, hardware and instructions.

Lets get started by taking that oem fender off.

Using your 4mm and 5mm Allens, remove the six bolts underneath your passenger seat.* Use a ball ended allen key to reach the closest bolts to the rider seat. These are at an odd angle and do not require much torque to remove.

After bolt removal, you should be able to easily drop the entire rear fender/license plate. Be careful in disconnecting the three wire connectors as you will reuse them.

Once disconnected, remove the fender and find an appropriate place to store.


Plug in your new, New Rage Cycles unit to the oem connectors. * Be sure to test the turn signals to ensure you plugged in the right to the right and the left to left.

Remove the two, red plastic backings the the 3m adhesive. Carefully align the plate and press firmly to the bottom of the tail section. Next you will take the elongated torx bolt and install through the hole in the middle of the NRC plate. *the hole below the fingers in the picture below.

You’ll notice it is the same hole that your wiring goes through. It is important to use the supplied washer and align the wires in the cutout portion of it.

Using your T30 bit and 1/2 wrench Tighten the center bolt. * Use caution to not pinch and cut wires.

Take the License plate mount and bracket and connect with the supplied allen bolts. * Keep your ball end allen handy as you will be working in a tight space.

Install your license plate and align. Tighten.

Test one last time for QC. You’ll notice how bright the turn signals and license plate light are.

Stand back and admire. Job well done.





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