Nelson-Rigg CTB-1000 King Roller Bag Set Review

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Nelson-Rigg CTB-1000 King Roller Bag Set Review

The Lowdown

Over the winter, I picked up the Nelson-Rigg CTB 1000 King Roller Bag and top bag, to replace my busted tour pack. I didn’t get to use the set much until my ride from Ft. Worth to Daytona for Bike Week, but I did check out the features while I had the bag at home. First off, I love the roller feature. There isn’t much worse of a feeling after riding across several states, than having to carry a bag full of enough gear to last a week or so to your hotel, condo, or camp site. I also like the way the top bag easily detaches and has a shoulder strap. Not only is this set up good for touring, but if you ride to the airport, you have a carry on and personal item ready to go. Initial look and feel showed the bags to be high quality as well as nicely styled.

Packing Up

With Daytona Bike week around the corner, I started packing up. I found the roller bag held plenty of clothing and with the side pockets I was able to carry all of the small things I needed as well. The top bag was where I kept my clothes for the road. This consist of a pair of jeans, 2 pairs of socks and underwear, and two t-shirts. I also stowed my bag of toiletries and my rain gear in the top bag. I was pleased at how much room the set offered and I wasn’t having to leave anything behind because of the lack of storage. When I attached the straps to the luggage rack of the bike I wasn’t 100% confident of them being the only attachment points holding everything I needed for the next two weeks. With a larger backrest it most likely would have seemed more secure. I decided to throw a net and a couple of bungees on for insurance and to keep me from stressing the whole ride, but the straps most likely would have been fine.

On the Road

On the highway, the bags did not seem to affect my rid at all. I’m sure my tall windshield helped with that, but the bike didn’t feel much different than riding two up. For the first 10 miles I constantly reached back to be sure nothing had moved, and it was always there, just like it should be. The one thing I wasn’t stoked about was how the straps attaching the top bag to the lower continued to loosen which made the top bag flop a bit. I attached a small bungee to the rings on either side of the bag and that was solved. Other than the straps, I loved everything about the bags. When I got to my hotel at the end of my first day, it was nice to stroll into the room with bag in tow.

Wrap Up

After riding a little over three thousand miles with the bags in under two weeks, I feel like I can give a good review of them. The roller bag is awesome in almost every way. It still looks brand new, and I plan to use it for years to come. I would appreciate better wheels for the roller, and also better mounting straps and perhaps a couple more mounting points. As far as the top bag goes, the attachment straps and the lack of hard sides to keep the structure would be my only complaints. The hard sides are more personal preference than requirement though. The rain cover is probably the nicest one I’ve ever seen. Very nicely made of high quality material. All in all, I give this bag set 4 out 5 stars and would recommend Nelson-Rigg products to friends and family. I look forward to see the next generation from this company, as they seem to be striving for top quality in all they do.

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