Internal DialogueI’ve had this idea, along with a lot of dissociated thoughts, rattling around the ol’ bean for a while. These mostly occur to me as I ride, especially on longer runs. I thought it might be fun if not personally beneficial to share them from time-to-time. I’ll confess I’ve toned down the verbiage as some of my dialogue is a bit “saltier,” as my grandma would’ve put it, than is probably permissible on this blog. Hey, thanks for your indulgence! Feel free to contribute a few of your own.

• Not much is funnier than when you see a guy toss his leg over a pristine scoot, fires up, gooses the throttle a few times for effect, makes sure everyone is paying attention to him, stomps it down to first, one more goose, starts easing out the clutch…then kills the bike with a huge CLUNK. It’s especially hilarious when he then looks down at the left side of the bike then the right as if a mechanical failure drained the cool from his moment.

• On a foggy morning – turning on your headlights is for EVERYONE ELSE on the road to see you and avoid ramming into you over the crest of a hill.

• Here’s a secret we’re privy to that full-time cagers don’t know…the ratio of ditch-concealed roadkill to visible carcasses is easily 3 to 1. This is especially evident during the current month-long heat wave we’ve been under.

• I try not to complain about the heat too much (as I’m writing this it’s 97 degrees) because it’ll be gone too soon…then my complaints will be flyin’! However, it’s the price I’m willing to pay to remain in my beloved Midwest.

• If we’re on a four-lane and for some reason I’m going too slow for you to follow me, but too fast to pass, just slow down or get going and get out of my blindspot! Make a commitment.

• That junebug to the forehead felt like it was launched with a slingshot.

• Don’t get caught up in wanting to wave at passing riders. If I have a passenger and am rounding an ever-tightening curve in a 30 mph headwind, I’m probably not going to wave back. It doesn’t mean anything; I’m just a little preoccupied with the task at hand.

• The MoCo seems to be drawing a lot of fire in the blogosphere and these days. The complaints run the gamut from griping that they’re stuck in the past or adding too much modern technology…on and on it goes. I love it; it’s restoring the independent outsider mystique to loyal riders, defenders and owners.

• If you’ve never ridden by a lightly fog-blanketed hayfield at sunrise, you have something to add to your bucket-list.

• The term “bucket-list” is overused. The movie just wasn’t that good.

• Riding on a hot day and passing through a stand of woods or into valley and hitting one of those pockets of cool air never ceases to make me smile.

• Is it just me? It seems our community goes way out of its way to use our pasttime (hobby, passion – you choose your term) to serve others and do some good in the world. You sure don’t seem to see many video gamers, for instance, get together and do what they do in order to honor a veteran, a fallen first-alert hero, put a toy in a needy child’s stocking or provide an unforgettable outdoor experience to a disabled child.

• The phrase “it is what it is” doesn’t explain a damn thing!

I better stop here. Let me add my own disclaimer. These opinions are mine alone and aren’t meant to represent any position taken by J&P Cycles or its management. I mean really, can a company have a single opinion? If it could, I’d be spending a lot less time in meetings!