Mustang Seats

Mustang Seats

Have you ever ended a long trip, covering hundreds, maybe thousands of miles, counting down each mile until you could get off your bike?

Mustang Solo Seat

Mustang Solo Seat

I remember returning to Dallas after riding around Lake Michigan; up the eastern coast, over into Wisconsin, and stopping at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. The soreness on the way back caused me to stop every 50 miles just to give my butt a 15-minute break. That was the trip that got me to the point of investing in a more comfortable seat.

Stock Seats

For the most part, stock seats look great, and fill the part if you are doing mostly local riding.

Will your stock seat be comfortable on day five, after riding 300 or more miles on each of the other four days?

The stock seat on my 2005 FLHRS (Road King Custom) didn’t give me the support and cushion I needed for the long rides. So after doing a lot of online research and talking to other riders, I chose the Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat  by Mustang Seats.

The Comfort of Mustang Seats

This 17” wide (14” for the passenger) one piece seat was worth every penny.

One-Piece Wide Vintage Mustang Seat

One-Piece Wide Vintage Mustang Seat

During my long rides, I never had a sore butt, and it also helped alleviate lower back pain. And I put it to the test.

I’ve ridden from Dallas to Montreal, Eureka CA, along the Pacific Coast Highway, and to Daytona Beach three times. Besides the long, multi-day and week rides, I’ve used the Mustang Seat for riding throughout Texas and neighboring states.

No soreness. Better riding.

Each Mustang Seat is going to be a bit different, but overall you cannot beat Mustang for quality leather and craftsmanship, padding and support, and overall comfort. Although I do not use one, the base plate on this seat can accept either a Mustang or Harley rider back rest.

The only drawback I had with this seat was that it positioned me higher up and further forward than my stock seat. But I quickly adjusted when swapping seats, and the difference was unnoticeable after the first hour of riding.

Currently I ride a 2016 Indian Chief Vintage, and so far I’m happy with the stock seat. But the next aftermarket seat I get will be a Mustang Seat.

I’m that convinced.

 What Do Others Say?

Of the 141 customers who purchased this seat at the time I wrote this post, all of them gave the Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat five out of five stars. Here are just a few of the positive comments customers are making about this seat:

“The seat is great and my back problems that I had with the stock seat are all gone now.”


“The seat was one of the best upgrades to any motorcycle I have ever owned. This was more comfortable than any factory accessory for this model [Harley-Davidson].”


“Top notch seat. Very comfortable. Wish I had a bigger tank so I wouldn’t have to stop.”

The Long-Distance Choice

Regardless of which bike you ride, if you are riding 300, 400, 500 or more miles over days (weeks??), check out the wide selection of Mustang Seats. You won’t go wrong.

And your butt will thank you.

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