Motorcycles Guide: Top 10 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Old Warrior

//Motorcycles Guide: Top 10 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Old Warrior

Motorcycles Guide: Top 10 Things to Do Before You Sell Your Old Warrior


Whether you’re ready for a fixer upper bike, or you need to clear out space in your garage for your next chopper, selling a motorcycle can seem like a daunting experience up front.

What should you say when you list it? Where should you list it? How much should you sell it for? Will anyone buy it at a fair price?

There is a lot going through your mind as you prepare your bike for sale. We’re here to help. Here are the top 10 things you must do before and during the sale of your old warrior.


  1. Head to the Car Wash Bays

Selling anything becomes a lot easier when it’s in pristine condition. Although you’ve already made plenty of memories on your bike, it shouldn’t look overly used in the pictures. Wash it yourself, or if it’s especially dirty, take it to a detailer. This extra effort to make your motorcycle look shiny and new will pay you in the long run.


  1. Take Pictures


Once your motorcycle looks sparkling clean, it’s time to take some pictures.

Pro tip: Head out to an area with a nice backdrop for these pictures. Choose somewhere where your buyer might ride. This way, you’ll paint a picture of what the person can expect when buying your motorcycle, making yours a little more enticing than the others being sold. Steer clear of taking the picture in your dirty workbay or garage.


  1. Get Your Bike Checked Out by a Mechanic


The seller will want to know your motorcycle’s condition before he buys. Get the motorcycle checked out by a mechanic so you can have the inspection paperwork ready to go when someone contacts you with interest.


  1. Fact Check

Gather all of the facts about your bike, including:

  • Make, model and year
  • The type of engine
  • The suspension on your bike
  • The trim body style
  • And any other details the seller might need

Put together a list of all the information you have about your motorcycle. The more you can offer, the more the seller will trust you and be more willing to accept your price.


  1. Price Check


Speaking of price, you need to price your bike before you can put it on the market. How much should you sell it for? This is a tough question but an important one.

Use resources online, such as Kelley Blue Book, to get a general price for your bike. Don’t be afraid to list it a little bit higher knowing that you will probably have to negotiate down a little.


  1. Write Your Sales Piece

With all your information in place, it’s time to write the sales piece. Avoid using overly flowery language to try to sell your motorcycle. Stick to the facts and talk about the benefits of each unique feature.


  1. Remove Any Parts You Want to Keep


Did you add a luggage system to your motorcycle that you’d like to transfer to the next bike you own? How about a security feature you hope to use for your next ride?

Before you list your bike or take any pictures, it’s important to remove any of these add-ons that won’t come with the bike. By keeping them on in the pictures, you risk sending the wrong signal that they’re available.

Trying to sell your bike, then snagging the accessories (even if they weren’t promised in your sales writeup) could make the transaction go sour.


  1. Post on Multiple Websites Online


When you’re ready to post, don’t be shy about splattering your listing across the Internet. There are multiple listing sites where you can sell your motorcycle, including AutoTrader, Craigslist or even Facebook. The more places you post your listing, the more likely potential buyers are to see it.


  1. Talk to Local Riding Associations


Riding associations are especially helpful for selling motorcycles. You never know when one of the riders will be in the market for a new bike, or know someone who is. Because these groups talk about and ride motorcycles regularly, they’re more in tune with what’s going on in your local bike scene.


  1. Haggle Honestly


When you have someone who is interested in buying from you, haggle but do so honestly. You don’t want to ruin your reputation in the bike community for being a dishonest seller. Doing that could hurt you the next time you want to buy or sell a motorcycle. Be respectful of the buyer but stay true to what you know your bike is worth.

Ready, Set, Sell!

That’s it! With these 10 steps under your belt, you’ll have your bike prepped, photographed and passed along to its new owner in no time and with minimal stress from the sales process.

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    Step1 nexver, ever, pressure wash a motorcycle. Hand wash it to actually get it clean and to avoid damage, water intrusion ,etc.

  2. Jonathan Green September 14, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    You use the term “seller” when you are talking about potential BUYERS.

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