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//Motorcycle Seat Guide

Motorcycle Seat Guide

Buying an aftermarket motorcycle seat can be intimidating, there are so many styles and such a wide range of prices. Fortunately finding the right seat isn’t as difficult as it seems, it all depends on what you are trying to achieve from purchasing the new seat.

Why might you want to replace the stock seat?

The stock seats are typically made with materials of lesser quality than those of aftermarket companies to keep cost down. The seat base is often made of plastic which is easy to bend and break. The foam itself is generally less comfortable and the cover is usually not as nice.

Motorcycle seats are made from three essential parts: the baseplate, the foam, and the cover.

All play an essential role in the longevity and comfort of your seat. The differing materials that can be used to make a motorcycle seat are important in the quality of the seat overall.


The baseplate is the starting point of your motorcycle seat, it is important in durability and fitment. Seats built on a plastic baseplate are less expensive but far less sturdy than other materials. For a strong and durable seat look for a baseplate built from fiberglass or steel.


This is the component of the seat that will affect comfort the most. Seat foam is made using one of two methods; shaving an existing piece of foam into a seat shape or creating the foam density and shape from scratch. When you create the foam shape from scratch you get a higher quality feel with more support and no “break in” period.


A good seat cover is meticulously pieced together and hand-sewn tightly together for the perfect custom look. Your stock seat cover is more than likely made with a molded vinyl and it probably doesn’t have the perfect fit. This will allow bulges and wrinkles over time. Aftermarket seat covers can be made of either leather or high grade vinyl.

Leather is always classic and stylish, it can be dyed into a variety of colors. Although leather is premium priced and it won’t last as long as a high quality vinyl. Be cautious of a leather seat cover if your bike stays uncovered for the majority of the time, the elements are hard on leather.

Higher grade vinyl can be shockingly similar to leather while having a higher durability, vinyl better resists wear against the elements. With a high grade vinyl you can have the classic look and feel of leather without worrying about fading, treating, or oiling your seat cover. It also won’t crack or dry out and you can wash your bike without worrying about getting your seat wet.

What do the techs at J&P Cycles suggest?

Mustang Motorcycle Seats have been a worldwide leader in the design and construction of comfortable motorcycle seats and accessories since 1980. Their seats are made with only the highest quality materials and a meticulous manufacturing process. Proudly made in the USA you know you can count on quality from Mustang.

While all Mustang Seats are premium the following seats are some of the best selling touring seats and for good reason. Check them out for a seat built for your bike from the bottom up.

Mustang One-Piece Super Touring Plain Seat with Driver Backrest 801-672


Mustang Deluxe Touring Seat 179-280


Mustang Deluxe Touring Driver Backrest 179-282


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