Motorcycle Forums – Where Motorcycle Enthusiasts Gather Online

//Motorcycle Forums – Where Motorcycle Enthusiasts Gather Online

Motorcycle Forums – Where Motorcycle Enthusiasts Gather Online

You’ve got questions about what motorcycle parts best fit your bike, or how one part performs over another.  Where do you turn for such information? Or maybe you’re planning a trip and looking for a great route through a state you’ve never been to. Where do you find that information? A lot of us turn to our friends or the local motorcycle shop. Or we take advantage of the online forum, a valuable source of information used on a daily basis by thousands of motorcycle riders.

Online forums and message boards have been around for years, and J&P Cycles boasts one of the oldest motorcycle-related forums on the Web. One of the reasons why these forums are so popular is because they enable you to leverage the knowledge of a large audience of riders. Say, for instance, you’re the only one in your group that rides a 2010 Heritage Classic. Who’s going to provide you with accurate information on parts, installation tips or maintenance specifically for that bike? Online motorcycle forums allow you to cast a much wider net — reaching outside of your local circle — to find other riders just like you.

If you haven’t used these rider-specific forums before, you might be surprised at the amount of activity these hubs of information generate. J&P Cycles’ forum, for example, has more than a quarter million posts and 35,000 users. I’ve written before about how motorcyclists are social people, so this should come as no surprise.

When shopping online for a good forum, you’ll find there are many to choose from with some of them catering to a very niche crowd. In the Harley world, for example, here are a few reputable forums:

You’ll find that these forums aren’t just limited to talking about motorcycles. As one would expect when motorcyclists get together, the topic list expands beyond just cycles and into politics, jokes, riding style questions and legislation (i.e. helmet laws).

If you haven’t done so already, check out our forum or some of the others mentioned above and get involved. You’ll find that there are riders all over the world who — when they’re not out riding — are talking about it online and living the lifestyle.

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  1. charles fallin October 24, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Have a 1990 ultra when bike sits for 2 to 3 weeks oil pours out of the carb air cleaner.Where is the check valve to prevent this problem.And could it be something else

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