Meet the Team – Shawn Stone, J&P’s Quality Control

//Meet the Team – Shawn Stone, J&P’s Quality Control

Meet the Team – Shawn Stone, J&P’s Quality Control

Stone_Shawn-090715Today we are going to introduce you to Shawn Stone, head of our Quality Control department. In this capacity, he is responsible for a variety of duties at J&P Cycles. Shawn began his career at J&P Cycles  in 2000 (five weeks after me).

It has been a pleasure working with him over the past 12-½ years. A Des Moines, Iowa native this 48-year-old spent a portion of his early life in Southern California, Phoenix, Arizona; Houston, Texas and Breckenridge, Colorado. A dirt biker since high school, he began riding on the street 30 years ago. Currently, he has a 1997 Custom Softail. On the side, he has a Shovel basket case currently under construction.  A family man, Shawn has a daughter and two  sons who are very near and dear to his core.

So what does the QC department do? Glad you asked.

His department is responsible for any incoming inspections required at J&P. Whenever a Hot Set-Up from S&S arrives or a fork assembly from V-Twin gets here, Shawn inspects them to make sure all the parts are there and the right parts for the kit are included.

The point man of our Customer Service Response Group, if a part you receive has something missing, Shawn is the man who takes care of that for you.

If a customer calls our customer service department saying something is made wrong or doesn’t fit their machine, Shawn  performs the inspections as he tries to figure out why it isn’t working properly. He also does return statistical analysis to spot trouble parts we get numerous returns over.

A member of our catalog proofreading team, he pores over every page in every J&P catalog before it goes to print to ensure accurate descriptions and fitment information. Having done this in the past, I know it is a tough and thankless job.

Shawn also travels extensively for J&P Cycles manning our booths or displays at motorcycle events across the country, so you may have run across him.

Having worked side-by-side with Shawn as long as I have, he’s is the consummate team player, a pleasure to work with and an asset to J&P Cycles.

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