Meet the Team: J&P Sales Techs Bud Probus and James Dean

//Meet the Team: J&P Sales Techs Bud Probus and James Dean

Meet the Team: J&P Sales Techs Bud Probus and James Dean

Most of our Meet the Team introductions have been with J&P staff members who have been with us a long time. Today, we’re changing that up a bit in order to fill you in on two of the newer members of our team. These two gentlemen joined us within the last nine months and both guys are sharp as tacks and equally fun to work with.

Duane (Bud) Probus is a recent graduate of the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (Phoenix) Harley and Kawasaki program. James Dean — that’s right, James Dean — is a graduate of Wyo Tech’s American Motorcycle Institute (Florida) Harley program.

Meet Bud (left) and James (right):

J&P Cycles: What got you guys interested in motorcycles?

James: I grew up around bikes and have always had a passion for them.

Bud: In 1980, I test rode my first street bike, which was a Honda CB350 four-cylinder. I’ve been hooked ever since.

J&P: What does your job here at J&P Cycles entail?

Bud: I’m on our sales tech line, answering customer questions. Because I’m newer, I have to look a lot of questions up and research my answers, which ultimately benefits the customer.

James: I’m also on the sales technician line. My job is to provide correct answers to customer inquiries.

J&P: What did you do prior to coming to work at J&P Cycles?

Bud: I was involved with Heavy Jet Avionics as a maintenance technician.

James: While at Wyo Ttech, I became certified in Harley, BMW, Triumph and Ducati repair. I’m also trained in Arctic Cat snowmobile and ATVs, along with personal watercraft.  Prior to that, I sold tire repair products and shop supplies as a route salesman.

J&P: What do you like the most about your job here at J&P Cycles?

James: I like being able to talk customers though difficult repair issues.

Bud: I get to work with some of the nicest —and knowledgeable — people in the industry. I’m proud I can say I’m a J&P Cycles technician. Seems like I’m learning something new every day.

J&P: What kind of motorcycle do you currently ride?

Bud: I have a 1973 XLH 1000 that my sons got together and bought me for my birthday.

James: My ride these days is a 2001 Buell M2 Cyclone.

J&P: What is your Dream Bike?

James: I think it would be cooler than cool to have a Boss Hoss.

Bud: My dream bike would be an FXRS from the 1990s.

J&P: What would be your best tip to a customer when talking to the Tech Line?

Bud: Keep an open mind. And know what kind of bike you have. A service manual never hurts.

James: Trust us on our knowledge and experience.

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