The "before" photo of Joe Cowan's 1976 Kawasaki KZ750.

The “before” photo of Joe Cowan’s 1976 Kawasaki KZ750.

Joe Cowan, who started at J&P Cycles in Anamosa, Iowa, as a network administrator in September 2012, recently got the opportunity of a lifetime.

As a Florida native, Joe spent the last 16 years living in Iowa with his wife and children. With winter quickly approaching and both of their children nearly out of the house, Joe sent a request to the company to be transferred back to Florida to J&P Cycles’ Destination Daytona Superstore.

The move also meant more time on his 1976 Kawasaki KZ750, which Joe traded for a laptop computer 13 years ago.

Despite being limited by Iowa’s winters and cooler temperatures, Joe logged more than 7,000 miles in the last year, driving an hour (one way) to work each day and taking scenic drives through Eastern Iowa. He extended his riding into cooler temperatures with a full-face helmet, leather jacket and leather gloves.

Joe's motorcycle after

And, the “after” of Joe’s motorcycle.

Needless to say, Joe is excited to be trading all of that in for warmer temperatures, a vented riding jacket and a 20-minute commute.

As a network administrator, Joe serves the entire company remotely, which made the transfer seamless. The internal transfer was beneficial to the company as well, because it provided additional IT support at J&P’s Daytona location.

After starting at J&P, Joe decided to go ahead and make some modifications to his ride. Nothing too overboard or extreme, some of the basics, really: a custom front fender,  Kendra rear tire, Biltwell Frisco Chrome handlebars, J&P extended rubber pegs, some Khrome Werks Hp-plus drag pipe baffles and black and chrome hand bone mirrors, to name a few.