Jake Herring’s passion for bikes began at age 13 when he worked through his summer vacation bagging groceries so he could purchase a 1963 Rigid Frame Ironhead Sportster. In a manner of speaking, Jake became addicted to this drug we call motorcycles at a tender age. From the very start he was wrenching on bikes in his garage and it was there that he realized this was indeed the professional direction he wanted to pursue.

Jake received his Harley-Davidson certification from AMI in 1999. Over the years he’s worked at numerous dealerships and aftermarket shops in many capacities including service, sales, technician and—  his favorite — fabricating. He joined J&P Cycles in October 2009, and has been a valuable member of the team, assisting customers with technical questions via the contact center’s technical phone and chat lines. He recently joined our blog and forum team and his expertise and unique perspective is now shared with an even broader audience.  His co-workers say he’d do anything for you and he loves to talk shop.  Jake and wife April are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Meet Jake Herring:

J&P Cycles: What compelled you to get so involved with motorcycles?

Jake Herring: I would say that I never really had a chance not to be involved with them. A couple of days after I was born, I was zipped up inside my old man’s leathers and cruising around Southern California. My involvement increased as the years marched on. In my pop’s garage there was never a shortage of motorcycle miscreants hanging out, either working on bikes or raising hell in general. I’ve always had the need for two wheels and I don’t think I could live without them.

J&P: What did you do prior to coming to work for J&P?

JH: In 1997, I went to AMI. I have worked for several different dealerships and a few custom bike builders since. The job I had before I started here was doing water purification for a military ship dismantler. That wasn’t really my cup of tea and even though the money was out of this world, I’d rather enjoy going to work than dread the alarm clock every morning.

J&P: What exactly do you do at J&P?

JH: I am a Harley-Davidson tech. When I started here, I just answered the Harley tech line. Now I do live chat, answer tech emails, the web forum, write blogs and help out just about any way I can around the shop.

J&P: What do you currently ride?

JH: My daily lane-splitter is a mild ’91 FXR. I put a thunder header, jet kit, air cleaner and an EV27 street cam in it to make it an acceptable form of transportation. Nothing too wild, but it will hang 2nd gear wheelies all day long. However, my true love is a 1984 shovelhead FXE Super Glide that was turned over to me by the man that started it all for me — my Pop. It has taken many different forms over the years and is currently under construction now. Thanks, Pop!

J&P: What do you like most about your job with J&P Cycles?

JH: How could you not love a job where you get to hang out with chopper freaks all day and talk shop? Rhetorical question…

J&P: What is your dream bike?

JH: I wish I could have one of each. But I think my next will either be a twin cam FXR or an FXDXT with a 124-inch motor in it. Either way, I’ll be as happy as a pig in……mud.

J&P: What are you currently reading?

JH: I read all kinds of things. At home I am reading, Hell’s Angels: Three Can Keep a Secret if Two Are Dead. I’m also reading the 100th issue of The Horse Backstreet Choppers. George the Painter is the man!