Who Is the Doggie Behind Those Doggles?

//Who Is the Doggie Behind Those Doggles?

Who Is the Doggie Behind Those Doggles?

About a month ago we introduced you to our new friends Sweets the English Bulldog and her moms Christine and Kacey. Sweets, who turned two years old on Jan. 18, has won the heart of millions on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Her first 15 minutes of fame were in this Petco commercial.

The first time we saw Sweets she was riding as cool as could be on the front of her mom Christine’s bike, waved to an oncoming biker and stole our hearts. The rest is history.

Even though she’s only two years old, Sweets looks like she’s been riding much longer. She took her first ride at 10 weeks old after Christine started up her 2002 Suzuki Volusia 805cc cruiser without as much as a bark or movement from Sweets. Christine, who’s been riding for more than 20 years, decided to give it a go; Sweets was a natural on her first ride and hasn’t turned back since.

Sweets the English Bulldog PuppySweets and her family recently moved out to the country where they have miles and miles of clear road to adventure on.

They ride mostly in the mornings and on Christine’s days off. If they haven’t ridden for a while, Sweets will let her know with “the look” and ignores her mommy until she takes her on a ride.

For Sweets safety and comfort, she sits atop a two-inch piece of memory foam that is strapped to the gas tank. Christine then clips Sweets’ strap to her belt for security. (She never straps her to the bike as that would be extremely dangerous in the event of an accident.) Sweets is equipped with Doggles, and Christine is on the lookout for a helmet that will fit over Sweet’s noggin.

Sweets Motorcycle Riding AccomodationsWith her recent rise to fame, as well as the fact that Sweets and her family live out in the country surrounded by woods and a canal (including woodland creatures and gators), Christine and Kacey have recognized a need to protect Sweets and her siblings.

This is their first yard and Christine and Kacey want them all to be able to run free in it as safely as possible. To protect their precious pups, they set up a GoFundMe page to help get Sweets and her siblings a safety fence and security lighting. If you love seeing Sweets enjoy her motorcycle rides as much as we do, please considering donating.

Sweets BackyardYou can follow her antics as well as her siblings on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Sweets has an older sister Trixie the rat terrier, little sister Charlotte aka Charlee, also an English bulldog, and little brother Special Agent Gibbs, a French bulldog.

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