I want to talk you for a moment about a category of products that are often overlooked when it comes to customizing your ride:  Gauges. In today’s bagger market, where you can customize nearly every conceivable part of a touring bike, why is it that most of us choose to stick with our stock  gauges? As one of the most viewed items on a bike (from the driver’s perspective), you’d think  gauges would receive more attention than they do, but for whatever reason, they are constantly overlooked.

Enter Medallion Instrumentation, a company that’s new to the motorcycle biz but has a long history in the instrumentation category.  —Medallion Instrumentation has burst on to the motorcycle scene with sets of gauges for baggers unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Check these out:

Medallion Instrumentation Gauges include features like:

  • Auto-dimming graphical display showing low fuel, battery, cruise, odometer, two-trip odometers, and all gear positions 1-6 (unique to Medallion)
  • Automotive grade LED backlighting
  • Illuminated pointers
  • Anti-fog UV stable gauge

Medallion’s motorcycle gauges are like nothing that has hit the market in years past, and these bad boys have the form to match their function. There are currently six styles to choose from, and word has it that there are more in works.  You won’t find anything like them on the market today.