Let us Help You Out with Your Blazin’ Saddle

In today’s installment of Two for Tuesday we’re going to cover a sensitive subject.  There’s no tip-toeing around the topic, so let’s just call it what it is. It’s that burning in your buttocks that’s been colorfully described as many things, including swamp ass, monkey butt and biker butt.

No amount of high-dollar motorcycle seats or cushions or pads can prevent this malady, and it’s not just a long day of riding that can put that uncomfortable swagger in your walk. It could arrive after a long day of walking around your favorite biker event in the hot sun wearing your riding gear. However you get it, it’s going to put a damper on the day and you’ll end up being uncomfortable in the saddle instead of enjoying your ride.

Fortunately, we here at J&P Cycles have some solutions for you. Butt Waxx is a non-greasy lubricant that not only prevents chaffing when you ride but soothes your chapped buns or any other skin that’s been dried out by sun or wind.

Monkey Butt Powder is exactly as it says it is — a powder that offers relief from the pain and itching associated with butt-busting activities like riding your motorcycle across the South Dakota plains for endless hours. The active calamine powder ingredient makes long hours in the saddle a cinch. And it’s even available in a Lady Monkey Butt version!

So do yourself (and your butt) a favor and throw one of these bad boys in your saddlebags before your next trip. Because hindsight doesn’t help your hindquarters. You’ll thank me later.

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