Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm

//Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm

Kuryakyn Takes the Guess Work out of Performance with the Perfect Storm

Kuryakyn Perfect Storm KitsWithin the first few months of owning a bike, most riders start thinking about a new air cleaner, aftermarket pipes, and even a fuel injection controller. If that sounds familiar, you may be left wondering which combination of the three will work best. With all the different manufactures boasting about what their particular unit will do, it can be overwhelming to sort though all the noise and get to some real world data on what actually works. Enter Kuryakyn and the Perform Storm.

Lucky for all of us, Kuryakyn has done all the heavy lifting for, putting together a combination of kits with actual research and development time behind them to deliver what they believe is the best combo for your late model touring bike.

Perfect Storm Kits by Kuryakyn include a set of Crusher true duals with either Slip Stream or Trident mufflers, an option of the Street Sleeper or Hi-Five air cleaner, and all come with the ultra adjustable TTS Mastertune FI controller. And the best part of all this is, it works. With Kuryakyn supplying the custom maps for each specific application, there is no need for extra tuning or dyno time.

Tuning and dyno time have been done/calculated for you, ensuring not only an overall performance increase, but also a more efficient motor that consumes less fuel.

So, feel free to stop the Sherlock Holms routine because Kuryakyn has taken the mystery out of putting together a trio of performance parts that actually work and work well together. What more can you ask for? Looks, sound, performance and the piece of mind that what you purchased actually works.

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  3. BoB Cumins April 20, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I have found Kuryakyn to be the some of the best after market parts you can add on to your H-D and it looks like a fantastic set up for the new bike owner, or anyone who wants to make their ride smoother and faster! Well done Kuryakyn.

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