S&S Cycle is one company that can be proud to say “Made in the USA.”  Located in the beautiful hills of southwest Wisconsin, S&S manufactures some of the world’s finest parts for American V-Twin motorcycles. Located just outside of Viola, in the middle of nowhere, S&S boasts one of the most impressive manufacturing facilities you will ever see. Our own Kody Wisner was recently granted a special tour of S&S’s manufacturing and R&D facilities. Here’s what Kody had to say about the experience, along with Part I of a two-part video of everything Kody got to see and experience:

When I was driving up the small lane to S&S, I couldn’t believe the size of the place. As you come up the hill and look to the left, hidden in a valley between hillsides of beautiful trees, is one of the most modern factories I have ever seen.

I was were greeted at the door by S&S Cycle president George B. Smith, who I have to say was pretty darn impressive. George had a very busy schedule that day, so he handed me off to Scott Sjovall, S&S’s VP of Product Development, who give me a personally guided tour of the factory and other areas of S&S’s operation.

Here is Part I of a two-part video of Kody’s guided tour:

Stay tuned for Part II of Kody’s tour, coming soon.