Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires

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Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires

When I first received my set of Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires, they gave me a very “sporty” impression. These tires just *look* like they’re made for a more aggressive driving style. With no center tread, I was leaving behind what I’m used to and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires

Like most tires these days, Kenda has designed this new set in the dual-compound fashion – meaning a tougher material in the center for longer life, and a softer material for added grip on the outside.

Kenda Cataclysms Motorcycle Tires Rear

The dual-compound design and lack of tread in the center (along with my preconceived notion of a sporty look) left me thinking that these tires may have been made for the twisties. So, naturally, I headed for the twistiest road in my area.

Kenda Cataclysms Tires

**Braking and traction** On my way to test the side grip, I tested the center traction. When I say this, I mean that beat up the tires with repeated braking tests. Accelerate, brake, repeat at higher speeds and shorter stopping distances. Added in sand, gravel, wet roads. None of it mattered. I managed to stop exactly as quickly as I wanted, without so much as a tiny skid. To be perfectly blunt, this was a pleasant surprise to me as I expected these tires to excel at turns and lack in vertical traction.


**Turning and twisties** In Florida most of our roads are flat and straight, so every regular rider finds the curviest road nearby and hauls ass down it repeatedly when they need a breather. Mine is just twisty enough to really lean into with the added bonus of constantly being wet and sandy, making it a perfect way to test out the grip. At each curve, I accelerated a bit more and leaned just a little harder, and I felt like these tires were definitely right at home.


After a couple hundred miles, I am more comfortable with these tires than I ever expected to be and look forward to reporting back after hundreds more.

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