July 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

//July 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

July 2011 Readers’ Rides Winner

Editor’s Note: Our ride of the month for July belongs to a guy who never even owned a “real” motorcycle before this winning entry. Talk about starting from scratch! If he can win the big J&P prize, you should be able to do the same. Just send us a photo or three, along with some details about your ride, and we’ll take it under serious consideration. We’re also looking for readers who have some great video of their bikes. Just post your video to YouTube, then email the link to us at blogmemberservices [at] jpcycles [dot] com. We’ll do the rest.

This Bagger’s Just a Smidge Over the Top

This month’s ride is a 2007 Harley-Davidson FLTR belonging to Terence West of Manteca, Calif. Outlaw Dynas and pimped-out baggers have been all the rage for a while now out in Cali, and this Road Glide is a perfect example of the latter.
It’s not too over the top, yet it definitely stands out in a crowd. High bars, air ride, and a boomin’ system are just a few of the personal touches that earned this sled the Readers’ Ride of the month. Congratulations, Terence. Here’s what he had to say about his bike.

“I purchased this hog in October 2007. At the time of the purchase, I’d never even owned a motorcycle. Although I rode smaller motorcycles in college, I knew that I didn’t have the physical skills or mental ability to put this monster on the ground. So I signed up for a motorcycle safety training course at Modesto Junior College. Best decision I ever made. The skills and abilities I learned through the course have kept others and me from serious harm on a number of occasions. I seriously recommend a motorcycle safety training course to any rider that hasn’t taken one. Believe me when I say the benefits won’t be yours alone, but also those on the ground with you.

I made too many modifications on this bike to possibly list. But one of the favorite features on my hog is the air ride shocks system. When I take all of the air out of the shocks, the saddlebags sit just an inch off the ground. I enjoy riding it just as much as I enjoy looking at it.

I find I’m more comfortable riding with friends than alone, because you never know when you’re going to need assistance. I ride exclusively with three other riders, and we call ourselves “Dem Dudes.” We are scheduled to attend the National Bike Week in Las Vegas on Aug. 3-7. This will be my first major road trip and I’m really looking forward to it.

I want to thank you for featuring my hog in your July 2011 Reader’s Ride Blog. It’s an honor and a privilege.”

SPECIFICATIONS – Terence West’s Winning Entry


Year:  2007

Make:  Harley Davidson

Model:  FLTR


Year:  2007

Make:  H-D

Model/Size:  96ci Twin Cam

Cases:  H-D

Flywheels:  H-D

Cams:  H-D

Cylinders:  H-D

Pistons:  H-D

Heads:  H-D

Throttle Body:  H-D

Air Cleaner:  Arlen Ness Billet Sucker

Exhaust:  Bad Dad

Ignition:  H-D

EFI Controller:  H-D


Year:  2007

Make:  H-D

Type:  6-Speed



Make:  H-D

Model:  H-D

Clutch:  H-D



Year:  2007

Make:  H-D

Type:  Swingarm

Rake:  Stock

Stretch:  Stock



Triple Trees:  H-D

Fork Tubes:  H-D

Lower Legs:  H-D Chrome



Swingarm:  H-D

Shocks:  Legend Air Suspension



Wheel Make/Size:  Arlen Ness Evil 7, 21-inch x 3.5-inch

Tire Make/Size:  Avon Venom 120/70-21

Rotors:  Arlen Ness Evil 7

Calipers:  H-D


Wheel Make/Size:  Arlen Ness Evil 7, 16-inch x 3.5-inch

Tire Make/Size:  Avon Venom 150/80-16

Rotor:  H-D

Caliper:  H-D


Handlebars:  Paul Yaffe Monkey Bars

Hand Controls:  H-D Chrome

Grips:  H-D Stealth

Mirrors:  H-D Billet Low-Profile Slotted Stem

Foot Controls:  H-D Bullet Style Shifters/Rear Brake Arm

Pegs:  H-D Stealth

Front Fender:  Bad Dad

Rear Fender:  Arlen Ness Stretched

Saddlebags:  Arlen Ness Stretched

Gas Tank:  H-D

Oil Tank:  H-D

Headlight:  H-D

Taillight:  Arlen Ness Taillight/Turn Signal/License Plate Kit

Arlen Ness Bolt-on Taillight Mounting Pocket

Seat:  Arlen Ness “Danny Gray” Signature


All chrome covers are from Kuryakyn.

Audio: By Autohaus in Hayward, Calif. – Terence is running two sets of Alpine component speakers in the inner-fairing, four tweeters and four 6.50 Mids. Each saddlebag houses one Memphis 6×9 and one Alpine 8-inch sub-woofer. He’s running an Alpine PDX 4.100 to power the component speakers and the 6×9. An Alpine PDX 4.150 powers the two Alpine 8-inch subs. His head unit is an Alpine IDA X305S with Pandora Internet Radio.

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  1. Dan Napier June 12, 2014 at 8:28 am

    I was wanting to know about the monkey bars on the silver 2007 road glide July 2011 readers ride winner. What length are those handle bars?

    Thanx Dan

  2. Kerri West July 10, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Congrats are in order brother in law! I didn’t realize it but I guess it was August of 2007 when me and Dondi came by your house and you showed us all the accessories for a hog but you didn’t have one yet…and now four years later you’re ridin’ high and winning first place for that beautiful ride. Continue to stay safe and enjoy yourself and your hog.

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