Editor’s note: As of late, we’ve noticed that rider and bike fitment are hot topics, especially within the big V-Twin segment of the motorcycle marketplace. While fitment isn’t necessarily a new concept, it is one that deserves a fair amount of coverage, and who better to address it than someone from Progressive Suspension, a company that is entirely dedicated to creating innovative and high performance suspension products that directly enhance rider and bike fitment. With those thoughts in mind, please help us in welcoming Progressive Suspension’s David Zemla, who with today’s post will be a regular contributor here on the J&P blog.

Get in a typical car and you can tilt the wheel, slide the seat forward and generally make whatever size car it is fit whatever size you are. The same is not true with a motorcycle, as packaging and weight prohibit such accoutrements. Proper fit in the two wheel world often requires swapping out a part or two, and thanks to a healthy aftermarket, the options are fairly substantial. So as not to turn this into a novel, today I’ll limit the discussion to the benefits of lowering your bike.

Next time you sit on your motorcycle, take notice of how it fits you. Are you on your toes muscling an 800-pound machine around gas stations? If so, that’s a recipe for certain disaster and one that is easily rectified.

An inch or so drop in your bike’s suspension is often all it takes to get your feet flat on the ground, and a high-performance shock — even in lowered form — comes with the added bonus of improving the quality of your ride. Most installs can be done right in your garage and are generally only four bolts!

Check out the complete selection of Progressive Suspension products on the J&P website, including Progressive Suspension 412, 430 and 440 series shocks. One of the great things about buying from J&P is their sales techs have all been though Progressive Suspension’s training and can help guide you though purchase and install of shocks and fork spring that “fit” you best!