J&P Tech Tip: How to Install a Fast Hook Helmet Buckle

//J&P Tech Tip: How to Install a Fast Hook Helmet Buckle

J&P Tech Tip: How to Install a Fast Hook Helmet Buckle

Does it annoy you as much as it does me to fumble around while trying to get your motorcycle helmet straps undone? Motorcycle helmet manufacturers realize this as well and have recently started to equip helmets with quick release systems right out of the box. But if you’re like me, you already own a helmet or two that you love and you don’t really want to spend big money right now to upgrade. If this sounds familiar, check out Fast Hook for Helmets.

Fast Hook attaches to your current helmet quickly, requires no sewing, is made from 100% polycarbonate (so it’s hot and cold weather resistant), and has a patented center button that allows for a quick and secure lock or release with the simple press of a button. Check out the following video to see just how easy it is to install and use this nifty little device.

  1. You need to install the square or round piece on the strap were your current       D-rings are. Make sure the D-rings are to the outside of the helmet, to keep them from being pushed up against your face.
  2. Once that piece is around the strap, put it into the body piece. The small rectangle pieces that stick out of the sides of the square or round piece lock into the body piece. Make sure that the opening for the button will be facing away from you when you install the body piece. Don’t worry if you put it on backwards; all these pieces are removable, so you can just take it off and switch it around.  Once you’re done with these two steps, this side of the strap is done.
  3. You’re now ready for the other strap. If you have a small snap on the strap to hold the excess, you will need to cut off the part of the strap (where the snap is) that is towards the end that you would have looped through the D-rings before (the end that is not attached to the helmet).
  4. Hold the strap in one hand and slide it through the first slot in the buckle coming from the underside to the top.
  5. Pull the strap through until the buckle is within a couple inches of the helmet.
  6. Next, go over the center piece of the buckle and down through the second slot.
  7. You are now ready to install the button piece. The button needs to face away from your body when you are wearing the helmet to work correctly. Run the strap through the slot closest to the button from the bottom side to the top (the bottom is the side without the finger traction grooves).
  8. Next, pull some strap through, and then run back through the other slot.

If you followed those instructions properly, the Fast Hook is now attached to your Helmet. You will need to adjust the strap and button the get it to the correct length to fit you head.  Once this is done, run the excess through the buckle and you are finished.  For those of you that are still a little confused (I must confess, I was), watch the video included in this blog post.  Don’t be afraid to watch it a couple times and press pause while you follow along and do your install.


After you have finished your install, you will find that you can now easily strap your helmet on and take it off while wearing even the thickest of gloves.

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