J&P Cycles Turns Into a Little Shop of Horrors

//J&P Cycles Turns Into a Little Shop of Horrors

J&P Cycles Turns Into a Little Shop of Horrors

Here at J&P Cycles, we’re of the opinion that it’s important to work hard and play even harder. That holds especially true for fun events and Halloween has always been a special occasion in this family-inspired business of ours.

This year, on the Friday before Halloween, we transformed our J&P Cycles’ headquarters in Iowa and our Destination Daytona Superstore in Florida into little shops of horror, complete with costumed employees shaking chains, dragging their feet and jumping out of storerooms to frighten supervisors.

Then around lunchtime (because we don’t fool around during working hours) our employees gathered in both locations for group photos. These photos were circulated among all employees at each site for a vote and those with the best costumes received gift cards in varying denominations for their creativity.

In the end, there were six winners in Iowa (because four comprised a team) and three winners in Florida. First-place winner in Iowa was Barb Possehl a parts picker who dressed as a witch; with Scott Holton, a senior technician dressed as Papa Smurf picking up second-place honors. Third place was shared by a quartet in face masks: Angi Kearney, marketing coordinator; Cindy Merritt, mail clerk; Brett Medema, art director; and Grant Cushman, graphic designer.

Florida winners included Sally DeLaGarza, a customer service rep who took first place with her Lost Puppy themed getup; Debi Ryan, a trainer, cleverly disguised in a Big Foot skeleton; and Lisa Woodfin, who is a customer service rep when she isn’t parading around as Raggedy Ann.

In addition to the costume contest, our employees enjoyed treats and Halloween goodies. We assume everyone had a good time, but the masks hid their expressions.

Tell us who you — or your kids — were for Halloween by leaving a comment below!

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