J&P Cycles Tech Forum Has Been Around for 11 Years Now

//J&P Cycles Tech Forum Has Been Around for 11 Years Now

J&P Cycles Tech Forum Has Been Around for 11 Years Now

I have been very blessed to be the moderator of the J&P Cycles Forum since December of 2000. If you’re not familiar with forums, they are online “bulletin boards” where you can post questions and receive answers to tech questions, shoot the breeze and even find out about upcoming events.

Since it’s inception in 2000, we have had a whopping 255,216 posts! Moderating the forum has always been one of the favorite parts of my job. Before I forget, a special thanks to my associate Steve Franta is in order. For many years, Steve and I were the only ones around to answer your questions.

The J&P Forum offers a true “audience participation” experience. We have sections for Big Twins, Sportsters, Vintage Harleys, Metric Bikes and Gold Wings. Of course nobody knows everything, but we are very familiar with the art of research and if we don’t know the answer, you can bet we’ll find it. Other places to visit on the forum section of the site include the Customer Lounge and the New Members Area. Another popular section is “Rallies and Rides”, where local rides from all over the country get posted. No matter your interest, inside this section, there is a little something for everyone.

Currently, Bud “Speedking72” Milza and I (my forum name is “Xea”) are the J&P team members that handle the board. It’s not quite an open chat, but we try to get an answer back to you as soon as possible.  We are very fortunate to have other experienced riders join in and answer questions to the best of their abilities also. Bob “FX” Dryer and Keith “Ironhead” Douglas contribute in a very significant way, and if we don’t get an answer to you right away, either of these guys will likely jump in to provide you with good information. I am a firm believer that the only dumb questions are the ones that are not asked.

Go ahead. Check out the J&P Forum. We haven’t been stumped by a question yet, but then again, it’s only been a decade or so since we started!

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  1. Paul Brereton September 27, 2015 at 11:13 am

    Have a 1340 electric glide sport runs well but when on journeys where it is run hard for a while it stalls its like the power dies u have no throttle she’ll do that for about ten to fifteen seconds I’ll clutch 2 r3 pulls on the throttle clutch out and away it goes for an few mile and it will do it again at the moment very dangerous when overtaking hope u can help out alot of money and still the same problem

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