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J&P Cycles Supports the National Motorcycle Museum

Synergy is a good thing when you are a motorcycle museum in a small town in eastern Iowa. But in addition to the National Motorcycle Museum, J&P Cycles is headquartered in Anamosa, Iowa, and though completely separate corporations the two companies continue to work together, sharing ideas and involving customers.

Not a day goes by without J&P Cycles, and its customers giving financial and marketing support to the National Motorcycle Museum. “When you call to place an order at J&P Cycles, your customer service rep typically asks, ‘Would you like to round up your order dollar amount and make a donation to the National Motorcycle Museum?’ and those few dollars really add up,” says Zach Parham, Vice President and General Manager, the son of John Parham, the founder of J&P Cycles. “Our customers know my dad’s passion for motorcycle history and the Museum and like to help out. By the end of the month, with thousands of orders, customers make a substantial donation.”

Founder, John Parham offers, “It makes me feel really good that my customers like the Museum enough to send over a few dollars when they place an order. There are other forms of sharing as well. J&P Cycles has great marketing technology, huge reach, and continues to grow. Helping get a brochure in with a customer order, or mentioning the Museum in an e-mail makes all the difference.”

The National Motorcycle Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit originally formed in 1989. It moved to Anamosa in 2000 and in 2010 was moved into a 35,000 square foot space to better display the collection of over 420 loaned and collections motorcycles, plus thousands of pieces of art and memorabilia, bicycles and toys, even a restored 1920’s gasoline station. “My wife Jill and I put our hearts into J&P Cycles to make it what it is today. We really appreciate the support the company and its great customers continue to give to the National Motorcycle Museum.”

Most recently, J&P donated $3,750 to the Museum. The money was a percentage of sales from the Iowa showroom during the Museum’s Vintage Rally in early June.

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  1. boston jim May 14, 2013 at 12:42 pm

    God Bless you, Johnny P., I hope your feeling well. We met you, 15/20 years ago at a Boston Bike Show. Visited your museum in 2004, on way to Sturgis, then met you again at the 1st Metzeler Bike Show at the Journey Museum. Stay Well !

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