J&P Cycles Event Recap: Daytona Beach Bike Week Part 1

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J&P Cycles Event Recap: Daytona Beach Bike Week Part 1

The 75th Daytona Bike Week has officially come to a close and all who attended have hung up their leathers and returned to the daily grind. 2016 brought good weather and a major landmark in the history of Daytona Bike Week making it bigger than years past. The sheer volume of bikers was astonishing, there was no break from the sweet sounds of growling of motorcycle exhausts as bikers prowled the streets of Daytona. We are still reminiscing from our office here at J&P Cycles so join us for an in depth recap of Daytona Bike Week. In this event recap series we will cover everything we missed in our Bike Week Updates plus unique finds you won’t want to miss.

Not all of Bike Week happens at the Speedway, in fact it is the smaller events that have some of the greatest finds. It seems like the best things are discovered when least expected and the Swap Meet at Volusia Fair Grounds was full of treasures from the past.


One could spend hours poring over the unique antique parts and motorcycle literature. They had everything from fully loaded transmissions to the classic Harley-Davidson special edition beer you used to be able to buy at all the big rallies.


2016-03-10 15.35.49

2016-03-10 15.28.36

2016-03-10 15.49.57

I was fortunate to stumble upon a welcoming family who made beautiful metal artwork at the Volusia Fair Grounds. The family owned and operated Kinetic Karma’s Welding Co. specializes in welding repair, custom fabrication, and metal art.

2016-03-10 15.36.15

What caught my eye was the motorcycle metal sculptures made from recycled parts, the bikes each had a unique build utilizing cam chains, gears, and even hydraulic lines. The family kindly answered all my questions and invited me to learn about how they make these unique works of art.

2016-03-10 15.36.53

2016-03-10 15.37.40

The recycled parts used to make these sculptures have been donated by local race teams, dealerships, and regular bikers. If you want to learn more about Kinetic Karma visit their Facebook Page.

Jesters Live pavilion had it going on all week with custom bike shows, concerts, and custom paint shows. All American food stands littered the surrounding area with funnel cakes, ice cream, and BBQ. The bartenders outside of Jesters got a little creative with earning tips, the entire area was really a sight to see with so much going on.


Among the many shows happening under the roof at Jesters Live the Perewitz Custom Paint Show was one the greatest paint shows, it was like an art gallery for motorcyclists.




As the bikes started rolling in for the show spectators followed behind in awe of the art on wheels. The hours that go into each of these bikes is astonishing, the pictures hardly do justice to the detail that goes into each masterpiece.



The atmosphere of the Perewitz Custom Paint Show was warm and friendly. The owners of the bikes and custom painters all hung around near their rides and kindly talked with curious spectators. There is something about the friendly nature of events where riders come together, it’s not often you see anything quite like it.

We hope everyone’s return to the daily grind wasn’t too much of a drag after Daytona Bike Week! What was the best experience you had for the 75th anniversary? Let us know! We will have the second part of this series up soon so check back with us for more!




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    I am still sulking at not being able to do # 75 due to a ole lady that can not manage her vacation hours and me having surgery at the FUCKING MIDDLE it SUX. Will see you all next year me and the ole Fat Boy semi custom . Happy Hang Overs and Please be safe and cool .

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