Join Our Feb. 4 Winter Workshop at J&P Cycles

//Join Our Feb. 4 Winter Workshop at J&P Cycles

Join Our Feb. 4 Winter Workshop at J&P Cycles

Here in the frozen north — and we are officially frozen now —  it’s time for our annual Winter Workshop, where we here at J&P Cycles help you decide what projects you want to take on for your motorcycle and then show you how to accomplish your goals. Whether you’re a certified technician or just like to putter around in your garage, we’ve got the know-how and information you need.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 4, (with an hour break for lunch) we will be offering an absolutely free workshop at our Iowa location only. We’ll be on hand with fistfuls of tips and information so you can do your own maintenance and installation projects at home with confidence and finesse. In addition to expert advice, we’ll be offering door prizes, refreshments and gift bags for those who attend.

We’re going to have a ride expert from Progressive Suspension on hand, talking about the front and rear suspension on motorcycles and what can be changed to alter your ride. This knowledgeable rep will also tell you why it’s advantageous to make these changes, and when is the best time to make them. He will also demonstrate how to replace a set of shocks on an FTLR model Harley-Davidson.

We’ll also be talking about general maintenance, and schedules for maintenance for motorcycles. And we’ll discuss oil change intervals, cable maintenance, tire inspection, frame lubrication points and battery maintenance.

Our own lead tech Scott Holton — known as “Xea” to those of you who read the J&P Forums — will explain various means of enhancing the performance of your ride and, more specifically, how to put together a plan for the work you want to accomplish. He will verbally and visually walk you through fuel management systems, air intakes, exhausts and he will explain the power advantages that come with each.

On display will be many of our bestselling accessories to make your ride more comfortable and safe, and we invite you to purchase these items at will. If you see something you need, feel free to buy it. That’s it for the hard sell. This is a legit workshop and we’re not pushing anything onto our customers.

However, the class size is limited, so please register today be clicking here or call 319-462-4819 to reserve your spot if you want to  take advantage of this class. We look forward to seeing you on Feb. 4.

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    How about using a Webinar format so those not close to Iowa can attend on-line or by phone?

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