J&M ‘Rokks’ the House

//J&M ‘Rokks’ the House

J&M ‘Rokks’ the House

Let’s face facts. Stock sucks. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about stock pipes, stock air cleaner, stock windshield or stock seat. Hell, the motorcycle industry is based on the very idea that “stock sucks.” If stock didn’t suck there’d be no need for  an Arlen Ness or a Jesse James. If stock didn’t suck, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. You’d be out on your  stock bike put-putting down the street.

So now that we’ve established the lameness of stock, why are you rocking a stock stereo in your bagger? I’m pretty sure you ditched the stock mufflers the minute you rolled into your garage, trading them out for some wicked-sounding Vance and Hines pieces. So now that you’ve added some extra punch to your motor — along with a noticeably louder exhaust note — it’s time to upgrade your sound system.

J&M has already established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the motorcycle audio industry, but they have gone and done it again with their Rokker Series. The Rokker 7¼-inch speakers are the largest-diameter speakers that can be installed into a Harley batwing-style fairing, with a cone volume and mass comparable to a 6 by 9 speaker! The waterproof speakers — spec’d at 2 ohms impedance — are rated at an unbelievable 170-plus watts max power. And to complete the audio beat downthey have a set of 5¼-inch rear speakers that can handle 140-plus watts to surround you in audio bliss.

And for Road Glide owners, we offer a set of the 7¼-inch speakers for you fixed-fairing riders. I know what you’re thinking. There’s no way my stock radio is going to have enough juice to power those mammoth speakers. And you’re rightso J&M has come out with a Rokker 250 watt amp and Rokker 500-watt amp that has enough power to blast your Ozzy Osbourne or Elton John to mind-melting levels. It’s a full-range, Class G amp spec’d at 125 watts RMS per channel by 4 channels into a 2 ohm load or 70 watts RMS continuous into a 4 ohm load. What’s all that mean to you and your ride? It means you’ll be blasting crystal-clear power ballads from Winger at an insane decibel level. You wouldn’t put up with the stock noise coming from your pipes, why put up with the stock noise coming from your stereo?

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