It’s time to start getting ready for Daytona Bike Week 2016

With a successful 2015 Bike Week in the books we have started preparation for 2016. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the ten day festival and what better way to celebrate than with racing, beer, bikes, and babes. With such a rich history Bike Week grabs the attention of hundreds of thousands of riders each year.

Destination Daytona Superstore Bike Week 2015

Destination Daytona Superstore Bike Week 2015

To celebrate this historical event we are planning giveaways, demos, and much more at our Destination Daytona Superstore and also our Mobile Showroom located at Daytona International Speedway. Our team is currently hard at work here at J&P and preparation for an event of this magnitude requires a lot of hard work and of course passion as well. So whether you are a well-seasoned Bike Week attendee or planning your first trip the preparation starts today!

Proper planning can help you and your crew get to Daytona safely. Here are ten Bike Week planning tips:

  1. Plan out your journey ahead of time: set your GPS for adventure and capture snap shots of every moment. We suggest the Sena Technologies 10C Bluetooth Camera Communication System for the task, check back for a full review coming soon!
  2. Do maintenance now! Don’t let a worn out motor keep you from reaching your destination. Also throw on some new tires to handle all the miles. Check out the J&P Cycles Motorcycle Tires section of our website we have some great deals!
  3. Unfortunately not every mechanical incident is foreseeable, always take a tool bag along the way.
  4. Put a cover on it don’t let the harsh Florida climate take away from that custom paint job.
  5. Speaking of climate you may want to pack some rain gear as well, always prepare for surprise weather.
  6. Get beach ready : bring kickstand pads and a cleaner to keep the sand from damaging your ride.
  7. Bike lock, helmet lock, any lock! Keep your possessions safe from wandering eyes.
  8. Bring a bag you can take in places your bike can’t go for all your valuables.
  9. Leave a bit of extra room in your saddle bags for Bike Week purchases. If it’s too big to fit, don’t worry, J&P Cycles has free shipping to your home on all in store orders during the week!
  10. Most importantly of all don’t forget to get a little lost on the way!

What do you do for Daytona Bike Week preparation? Let us know in the comments below!

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