Iowa Showroom Redesign Provides Larger Area for Metric Parts, Better Traffic Flow

Gold Wing areaJ&P Cycles’ Iowa showroom underwent some noticeable layout changes in the last few weeks with the restructuring of the soft goods and metric areas of the store. A major reason for restructuring was to give the ever expanding metric parts area a bigger footprint. This redesign provided an opportunity to not only remerchandise existing parts, but to eliminate slow moving and discontinued parts and add a selection of some of the newest parts on the market.

LuggageAn added bonus of the redesign is the better traffic flow provided. Previously with the clothing located directly in front of the middle counter, the main counter where purchases are made, congestion was frequently an issue. This is no longer the case thanks to the restructuring.

When it came to working on the soft goods, branding played a key role in the merchandising. Our showroom associates worked directly with J&P’s product merchants and branding specialists in order to feature some of the newest and most popular clothing items including options in motorcycle boots, leather motorcycle gear, rain gear and other ride wear items.

Helmets clothing

If you’re within driving distance of the Iowa showroom, a visit would be well worth your while!

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  1. Rick Limbaugh February 12, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Did the showroom revamp include a major increase in size? I rode up there from TN on my Vic CrossCountry and was extremely disappointed in what you had for a Vic, especially for a bike manufactured in Iowa. OK, I love J&P but let’s support the OTHER brand.

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