Indian Motorcycles Teams up with Roland Sands Design Flat Track Team

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Indian Motorcycles Teams up with Roland Sands Design Flat Track Team

Indian Motorcycles have announced it has partnered with Roland Sands Design to build and race five custom Hooligan racers based on the Indian Scout. The custom Hooligan Scouts will race in the RSD Super Hooligan event in Las Vegas, with a world-class team of riders that includes Roland Sands himself, Red Bull/KTM stunt rider Aaron Colton, plus some surprise guest riders.


With the recent introduction of the new Indian Scout Sixty, no one in North American who wasn’t in Italy had been able to see them until a high speed chase broke out with squealing tires, growling exhaust, sirens and flashing lights coming up from behind.  Thankfully, the black and whites were in on it and left their ticket books at home.

To celebrate Indian Motorcycle’s 2016 Scout Sixty, they brought out some pre-production bikes that were given to Roland Sands Design to outfit as they saw fit, who then turned them over to the RSD SuperHooligan riders to give a good once-over.  The event showed off five new flat track bikes which represent the first customized Scout Sixty’s and were headed to Las Vegas to race at Orleans Hotel & Casino for the RSD SuperHooligan races.  To prepare for that, they decided to do some good-natured games of tag in a Los Angeles warehouse.

The event was also a chance to announce the new sponsorship Indian Motorcycles has made as the title sponsors of the RSD SuperHooligan flat track race in Las Vegas.  The street-bike based race took place indoors on a short track at the Orleans Hotel & Casino on November 21, and was presented in partnership with Roland Sands Design and AMA Pro Flat Track in conjunction with the “Superprestigio of the Americas” race. The winner of the Super Hooligan race will receive a new 2016 Indian Scout – making the Super Hooligan race a bit more competitive than the average weekend amateur event.


“ Scout is a great machine upon which to base a custom bike with modern rider friendly performance. The engine and chassis are rock solid and don’t need a lot of work, so DIY customizers can focus on the aesthetic modifications,” said Roland Sands.  “It has been a blast designing and building these custom Indian Scout Hooligan bikes and after a quick test run at the local flat track I feel we have a competitive bike that will rip on the track.”

“One of the things that I think is unique, I don’t think a lot of you guys have seen one disassembled, is the back half of the motorcycle basically unbolts in no time. It really cleans up nice and easy. Tell us, clearly we don’t have stock fenders or sub frames on the back end anymore, but tell us a little bit about what you did to modify the bikes to go racing,” said Indian’s External Relations Manager, Robert Pandya.

“19-inch wheels, different risers, we moved the handlebars back and went with wider handlebars, breakaway levers. Took off everything that the bike didn’t absolutely need. We did the tail section. We built a box under the tail section to lift it up. Raised up the shocks, we moved the shock mount back. We built a new, lower pipe, moved the foot controls. We did a belt tensioner. That’s it. There were pretty, I won’t say they were easy to build, but they weren’t that hard to build,” added Sands.


“It is an honor for Indian Motorcycle to sponsor the SuperHooligan event in partnership with Roland Sands Design and the folks at the Superprestigio of the Americas,” said Steve Menneto, President of Motorcycles at Polaris Industries. “Given the incredible racing heritage of the Indian Scout in our DNA, it’s really exciting to have five amazing Roland Sands custom Indian Scouts racing. It’s going to be a great event.”

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