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Icon Alliance GT Review *New Graphics

Icon Helmets just launched new graphics for their popular Alliance GT model, and I am feeling nostalgic…

Icon Alliance GT

My first helmet was an Icon (with mini guns on it) that I traded some old video games for. It was clad with a chrome shield, complimented by a Joe Rocket Corona Racing jacket, and filled by a younger, former squid, Ricky road racer wannabe, me. I was new to bikes and excited, I wanted people to know I had a ride and that it was wild. But I digress.


Icon Helmets

Icon got there start in 2002 when the motorcycle scene was all about $100K Choppers from Orange County and fat tire, stretched Busa’s. To get themselves noticed, their brand needed to be loud, and loud they were. Icon incorporated in your face graphics, edgy styling and wild motorcycle builds to establish themselves as a brand for street warriors. Through the years they have grown with their “Raiden” and “1000” brands to reach all types of riders and motorcycle types. Just a quick visit to their youtube channel will prove to you how crazy these guys are and how they put their gear through extreme testing. Its refreshing to see a company that can come out with a product that can bark and bite. I have grown really fond of the Icon 1000 line as it is all about metal and leather. Every time I put it on I want to grab my dog “Max” and go for a walk.

I spoke of nostalgia because of the graphics in the helmets we have to review: Icon has always had wild and crazy graphics but more recently they have been more covert in their styling to make sure everyone has an option within the Icon brand. Seeing these two helmets bring me back to my first days of riding and the excitement it brought. Don’t let the graphics fool you, this helmet is 100% business. Icon helmets and gear are engineered, styled and tested for the most extreme types of riding, ensuring you high quality, performance, fit and style.

Alliance GT

The Alliance GT was built for the #allweekwarrior who need a comfortable helmet that flows a lot of air and practical for those not on the race track. Let’s dissect these. With a size range of XS – 3XL, and an intermediate oval shape, this is sure to fit almost every head type. Some features include: fog free, Proshield and internal drop down sun shade, 5 intake and exhaust ports, smaller exterior shell, and meets DOT and ECE standards.

Interior- The entire interior is removable and allows for easy cleaning or pad replacement. Icon uses what they call Hydradry, a soft fabric that will wick away any moisture. With snaps and velcro, the pads are quick to pop in and out and would make adding a communication system or maintenance a breeze.

Icon Alliance GT

The removable sweat wicking Hydradry liner provides a snug and contoured fit. Air from the vents is channeled between the comfort liner and the protective, energy absorbing EPS foam liner to create a rider-focused interior. The airflow works with the Hydradry liner to effectively reduce heat build up.

Even the chin strap is comfortable, it is soft to the touch and is finished with a nice bronze Icon snap.


Shield- Icon has used the Proshield for several years, which is great;  The quick-change Proshield is fog-free and has many color options available if you desire a change. Instead of carrying an extra ProShield for changing light conditions, with the flip of a switch, engage the tinted DropShield hidden within the helmet.

These came with a nice iridium tinted shield.

Icon Alliance GT

Just a quick flip of the switch activates the drop down shade, easily used with a gloved hand. Perv.

Icon Alliance GT

I liked the metal tab used to lock in the Proshield, its a quality touch and provides a crisp “snap” when closed.

These new styles appropriately named Glory (left) and Silver (right) are sure to bring you attention.

Next time you are thinking about a new lid, give Icon a try; there is a graphic for everyone (match your personality) and the technical performance that pars with the best available. If you don’t dig the graphics, try customizing one of your own by using any of the colored shields or patterned interiors available. You will enjoy a comfortable, quiet and practical helmet for your every day riding needs.


Don’t know your size? Check out our  Sizing Guide

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