Motorcycle Helmet Guide: How to Choose the Right Helmet

//Motorcycle Helmet Guide: How to Choose the Right Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet Guide: How to Choose the Right Helmet

With such a wide variety of motorcycle helmets on the market, how do you decide which is right for you? Before you start looking, take some of the following details into account. In the following video, Patrick walks you through different types and styles of motorcycle helmets available at J&P Cycles.

First, your riding style and type of motorcycle are a couple of factors that can help determine the style and look you’re going for in a helmet.

Open face helmets, or ¾ helmets, come in a variety of options like the Biltwell Bonanza or the Bell 500, which are great choices for “old school” riders who like the retro look. We also offer modern, open face helmet designs, which may include face shields and other features, from brands like LS2 and Shark.

Second, what features are you looking for? Do you want to protect your noggin’ but still feel the sun on your face. Do you want complete protection from the wind and bugs? Or do you want additional features like a helmet that integrates with your intercom or communication system?

Half helmets only sit on your head and don’t have any coverage down the sides. With a half helmet, you’ll still get protection but you’ll forgot you’re even wearing a helmet 10 miles down the road. And if you’re just looking to get by the local helmet law in your state, a basic, lower priced, DOT approved half helmet will do the job.

However, if you like the openness and wind in your face but still want all the bells and whistles, a half helmet like the Bell Pit Boss could be for you. The Pit Boss offers safety, a lightweight composite shell, an internal sun shade, speaker pockets for communication devices and more.

Both full face helmets and modular helmets provide complete coverage; modular helmets can provide the safety and protection that full face helmets offer with the accessibility of an open face helmet like our Zox helmets. Full face helmets provide the highest level of safety and wind protection, but can keep you cool in warm-weather riding with proper venting.

Lastly, what is your price range? You may be wondering what the difference is between a $100 helmet and a $600 helmet. Graphics and special features can make a helmet cost a little more, as well as the interior, removable liners, venting options, the way it fits and the overall construction.

One way to look at it is if you get into a $1,000 car versus a $50,000 luxury car, you know they both get you down the road, but one is a lot nicer than the other and has more features. Same thing goes for helmets. And you may not need a $600 helmet, but take those things into consideration when buying.

The most important thing is sizing. Before you buy a helmet, take some time to read the sizing chart in the description of each helmet and watch our helmet sizing video, which will walk you through the correct way to size your helmet for comfort and safety.

If you still need help choosing the right motorcycle helmet, contact our customer service team by phone, email or chat. We’re here to help you buy the right parts and gear for your next ride.

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  1. Ira March 5, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    I have the Bell Pit Boss helmet. It is comfortable and has a nice quarter face shield that pulls down and has a removable ear cover. Excellent helmet!! Looks great too!

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