Let’s face it; a lowered bike looks badass, no matter your reason for doing it. Maybe you did it for aesthetic reasons or — if you’re vertically challenged like myself — maybe you just want the option of having both feet planted on the ground simultaneously. Hell, lowering almost anything with wheels automatically raises the cool factor. There’s not much else better to make you feel like the king of the local cruising grounds than rolling up on your freshly polished, slammed-to-the ground ride.

The question, of course, is how to obtain this “get down” experience. You should be comforted in the knowledge that there are actually several ways to skin this cat. From air suspension to shorter shocks, lowering kits — the list goes on and on. But now Burly has come up with a complete package to drop the front and rear of the bike so the handling characteristics remain true. The Burly Slammer Kit is a combination of dropped fork springs and stubby shocks wrapped up in one easy-to-install and price-friendly package.

There’s no need to disassemble the forks with this kit, and in most cases, the installation can be done in 20 minutes with the front end still on the bike! The entire Slammer kit is set up to go from box to bike in under an hour with just basic tools on most Sportsters and Dynas! (FLH requires the fork legs to be moved down to the access cap, but the leg does not have to be disassembled.) The good people of Burly have even put together an install video to show you just how slick the job can be. You can watch as Miss Jennifer bangs out a complete install in just over 30 minutes!