Hoppe and HogTunes are coming to the J&P Showrooms

//Hoppe and HogTunes are coming to the J&P Showrooms

Hoppe and HogTunes are coming to the J&P Showrooms

Music. It has the power to evoke a variety of emotions and can even shape our lives. The folks who keep tabs on such things claim the average person listens to music about 18 hours per week. This might explain why motorcycle audio is a booming market. But it’s not for everyone.

Riders who support audio say that it is nice to have some tunes on the road and an audio system certainly helps pass the time on long rides.  In the case of our very own Kody Wisner, he says loves audio because if you play it loud enough you don’t have to listen to your partner. Can’t you just feel the love?

However, there is a segment of the motorcycle community that doesn’t believe bikes and audio equipment mix well together.  They say they ride to get away from the noise and that the rumbling of their bikes and the wind in their face is music enough. They’re also of the opinion that music impedes a rider’s ability to hear traffic and/or emergency vehicles.

J&P Cycles respects your view, whichever side of the audio fence you stand on —or even if you straddle the middle. And those opinions are certain to be discussed during J&P’s Audio 101 consumer training classes, scheduled this Saturday, May 22, in our Iowa and Florida showrooms.  Representatives from Hoppe will be on hand in Iowa and HogTunes will be in Florida.

If you’re interested in hearing what others say about music on the road, or if you just want to see some cool audio gear, visit our website.

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