Our Favorite Harley-Davidson Touring Slip-On Mufflers

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Our Favorite Harley-Davidson Touring Slip-On Mufflers

There is nothing like the sweet sound of the crisp bark when you twist the grip after installing a new slip-on muffler. Not only will your bike look and sound better it’ll perform better once it’s uncorked. If you want to upgrade your ride without breaking the bank a slip-on is the best bang for your buck. A slip-on muffler replaces the large and rather unsightly OEM muffler and generally doesn’t require any tuning. We are confident that you can install your own slip-on exhaust at home with a few simple tools. This will allow you to become better acquainted with your bike and it’ll help you save a few bucks.


If you’re in the market for a new slip-on muffler for your touring ride the amount of options can be overwhelming, but today we will break it down for you with our favorites from three of the top brands. You’ll get the authoritative growl you desire with any of these slip-on mufflers:

Vance & Hines


Twin Slash Round Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 451-059

These slip-ons have distinctive style with the Vance & Hines twin slash end treatment. Although it’s not just about style, they have strong performance and a deep throaty rumble. The large 4-inch diameter muffler body looks classic in chrome and inside an all-mechanical straight through louvered baffle optimizes performance.


Eliminator 400 Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 745-048

This race-inspired muffler comes equipped with CNC machined billet end caps for an aggressive style. When you get on the gas this exhaust makes a deep and aggressive roar. If you’re wanting something a little quieter you can always opt for the optional quiet baffles. **Tuned to give the 1995 and later baggers a deep and aggressive roar.


Hi Output Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 450-914

If you’ve got hi compression, large displacement, or big cams this is the slip-on for you. The Hi Output was designed specifically to address the needs of tuned motors built for high horsepower applications.  Every aspect focused to yield maximum horsepower by improving the  volumetric efficiency of heavily modified engines as well as stock. To complete your aggressive machine the stepped styling adds the perfect touch. Compatible with dresser duals, power duals, and CVO drop skirt bags. Will work on the 96, 103, and 110 cubic inch engines.

Rinehart Racing


4″ Slip-On Mufflers

J&P Cycles # 441-490

3-1/2″ Slip-On Mufflers

J&P Cycles # 441-426

Rinehart Racing has made exhausts that are a staple to the custom bike world for years. Their slip-ons feature the same race-proven muffler and baffle design as the full touring system. This unique design utilizes a Venturi chamber baffle to create the smoothest power band possible. Available in both 4″ and 3-1/2″ design.



Kuryakyn not only makes the best styling products, they also provide performance with Crusher. All mufflers are tuned acoustically to provide you the deep growl you want and every muffler comes with the maintenance free high flow louvered core baffles.


Maverick Touring Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 162-881

Command authority with the Maverick touring slip-ons. This slip-on system provides solid horsepower and torque gains. Aggressively styled at 4″ in diameter with CNC machined billet end caps.


Marksman Touring Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 213-293

Tactfully designed with the precision of deadeye, visible stainless steel inserts covertly expose laser-cut Crusher emblems spanning the top perimeter of the tips. High flow baffles with shallow cut louvers create less turbulence inside the mufflers for improved performance throughout the RPM range. An aggressive bark at full throttle eases into a deep, low rumble at cruising speeds.


Crusader Touring Slip-Ons

J&P Cycles # 213-272

Climb the ranks of style and performance with the Crusader touring slip-ons. The sleek tips feature a laser-engraved Crusher emblem above the opening, with laser-cut accents on the outer perimeter enhanced by a visible stainless steel insert. High-flow baffles with shallow-cut louvers create less turbulence inside the mufflers. The result is improved performance throughout the RPM range and a commanding exhaust tone at wide-open throttle.

Installing a Slip-On

Most of you will be able to perform the installation on your own with a few simple tools. Doing the installation yourself will help you save money and it’ll give you some bragging rights and quality time with what you love most. Fortunately a slip-on alone usually doesn’t need any tuning but if you want to take the extra effort you’ll be rewarded with more horsepower. Whether this is your first time installing a slip-on or you’ve done it before this video will help you take all the necessary steps!

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